The Missing Star. Chap 2

I walked back into the hallway to the concert room. “Hello”, I called a little shaky. “Hello”. I just stood there for a couple more moments until I heard  footsteps approach.     I hid behind a huge plant. It was a girl but it was hard to see since the lights were turned off. She is holding a large bag and I heard grunts and groans come out of it. She walked out of the building and unlocked her car.

I got up to see if the coast is clear then dog pants approached. It is a gray and white husky.  “Are you lost “, I cooed. I bent down to see if she has a name tag. Oona is her name and the phone number is the same as Starley’s .So, this is her dog.

The door swung open and the girl started fast walking into the concert room. I grabbed Oona and hid behind the plant until she left. “That was a close one”, I whispered.      imageWe followed her to the concert room where me and Oona hid behind the seats. “You won’t get away with this”, Jane said upset. The girl I gave gum to is taking to Jane. “Cool it, British girl”, She said with a chuckle. “I’ll return your sister as soon as she tells where she’s live and what’s her most valuable piece”.        imageI listened to their conversation. “Now, it’s time for you to go bye, bye”, she said while giving an evil grin. “what?!?”, Jane shrieked. She got some rope from her bag and tied Jane up and threw her in the janitor’s closet. Jane said muffled threw the tape “Hmhm”.   “What did you say there’s something across your mouth”, the girl said while cracking up.  She slammed the janitor’s closet and ran out of the hallway but she dropped the janitor’s closet key. She didn’t notice and kept running out of the building and shut the door while laughing.

imageI grabbed the key and raced to the janitor’s closet. I unlocked the door . I found Jane crying I saw a pocket knife on the shelf and ripped her free. “Are you, ok?”, I questioned. “No, Starley, my sister has been kidnapped”, Jane wailed. “We have to save her”, I said enthusiastically. “You’re right”, she said while wiping tears off her cheek.                                  image

“She lives fifteen minutes away”, Jane informed me. “Let’s go. C’mon Oona!” I hollered.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at Starley’s house. The door is open. Jane and I creeped inside the house. Oona stayed outside to be the watch dog.  Then I heard “Hello, who’s there?”, the girl asked. Then I heard a gun being cocked and footsteps approaching.






47 thoughts on “The Missing Star. Chap 2

  1. What happens next what happens next????!?!?! I just have to see what happens next! When will you post again? 😀 😀 :D??? Its an exciting story!!! 😀 😀


  2. Ooh it’s sooo exciting. I can’t wait to read the next chapter. Also, is chapter 3 the end of the story or is there more?


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