The Missing Star. Chap 3

“Katie, is that you?”, The girl(the one who asked me for gum) called. “Play along”, I told Jane. “What?”, She asked.”Man, Katie you scared me I thought it was the police”, the girl said while walking closer. “Katie, later you totally have to tell how was escaping prison!!”, The girl squealed. “Right”, I replied. “Hey Kay, you look a bit different?”, She said while deeply thinking. “Umm, new haircut”, I exclaimed. “Where did Jane come from?”, She shrieked. “I found her loose on the street”, I lied. “Good thing you found her”, She said with a sigh of relief.               imageWhere’s Starley?”, I questioned. “Tied up in a closet”, She replied. “Let’s tie up Jane and throw her in there to”. “Ok”, I said. We tied her up and placed her next to Starley who was grunting and groaning.                          image“Now, lets steal!”, She said with an evil grin while slamming the closet door. She ran to the living room and started looking for priceless clothing. I just sat on the sofa. “This looks priceless”, She muttered. “No, this one. She packed a backpack, and a purse full of clothing. Next, was accessories. First she put on a gold headband. “Hey, Katie do you want to take a selfie with me with this headband?”, She asked. I replied. “No, thanks”. Her response is “Whatever”.

Sirens of the police ran by Starley’s house. “Oh, no”, She grumbled and she ran to the back door. “Bye”, She said and escaped not even caring if I got caught. “I poked my head through the window and thankfully they went to the next block. I went outside to see if Oona was ok. “Oona”, I called. “Oona”. She ran to my side. “C’mon girl”, I cooed and showed to inside the house.

I ran to the closet and untied Jane and Starley. “Riley?”, Starley asked. “I thought you were Katie?”. “She was pretending to be Katie so we wouldn’t be caught, Star”, Jane explained. “Oh, that was smart Riles”, Starley said. “Thanks but we got to get your stuff back”, I replied. “Do you want to discuss our plan over tea?”, Starley asked. “I ‘d love to!”, I exclaimed. image

We walked to Starley’s living room. “So, how are we going to find her?”, Jane inquired. “We can look for Clues around the house”, I suggested. “That’s perfect”, Starley said.

We split up since she has a huge house. “I’ll look in the living room. Star you look in closets and Jane you look in the kitchen and bathrooms. “Sounds like a plan”, Starley exclaimed. Twenty minutes later I have found nothing. I was pretty upset that I have found nothing so everything is annoying even Oona snoring on the chair. “Guys, come quick I found something!”, Starley exclaimed




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