The Missing Star. Chap 5

I ran outside. “Jane!”, I shouted. “Jane!”. Then I saw a helpless figure in the grass. “Jane are you all r”,I was trying to ask. “Step back, it’s a trap!”, Jane shouted. “What!?!?”,I exclaimed. “Well, hello”, Mabel said with an evil chuckle. “Starley is already in the car. Get up British girl!”, Mabel yelled.

imageThe car ride to her hideout is silent. She kept driving further and further into the country. Until, Finally she parked at a small lavender cottage. “Welcome home”, Mabel chuckled. I flashed her a look of disgust.

I’m sitting in the the front seat and Jane and Star are sitting in the back. I looked back and saw Jane looking like she is going faint and Star trying to look tough but on the inside she’s scared. I’m scared but also angry. “Get out”, Mabel yelled. All at once we got out of the car. “Right, this way”, Mabel said while showing us to the door.

image Inside her house is very grand probably cause she stole all the furniture and décor. Then she tied us all up. “Bye girls I’ll be back”, Mabel grinned while slamming the door.

“What are we going to do?”, Jane said panicked. “I don’t know”, I said confused. “Well first we should break free”, Star calm. “Right”, I agreed. “With what”, Jane asked. “Umm, I don’t know”, Starley said embarrassed. I scanned the room for sharp stuff. “Starley where’s Oona?”, I exclaimed. “Mabel brought her with us”, Star replied. “Oona!”, I called. “Oona”. Then I heard little footsteps. It’s Oona. “Oona come here girl!”, I exclaimed. Then the little fur ball jumped on my lap. “Ok, girl bite through this rope”, I cooed. She fell in love with the rope and chewed and chewed until there is only a little strand left.

I ripped the strand and stood  up free and started ripping Star and Jane free. “Way to go, Oona!”, We all cheered “Now we have to get out of here”, Jane said. Until Mabel walked through the door. “What?!?!”, Mabel Shouted.



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