The Missing Star. Chap 6

“How’d you guys get out!”, Mabel yelled angrily.  “Umm”, Star was mumbling. “Quick, lets get her”, I hollered. “Jane, get some rope”. Star and  I threw some punches and kicks. She is trying to do the same but she’s out numbered. Soon she was on the floor panting, “We did it!”, Starley chanted. “You won’t get away with this”, Mabel said out of breath then passed out on the floor. “Jane, did you get the rope?”, I questioned. “Here it is”, Jane replied.

“Hey Star, why don’t you look for your stuff while Jane and I tie her up”, I suggested. “Ok, great idea”, Star replied. Jane and I tied her up and placed her in the closet. Star walked into the room. “Here’s all my stuff”, She said happily. “Yay!”, Jane and I hopped up and down chanting. There was a moment of silence. “Now what”, Jane asked. We all thought for a moment. “I’m going to call the police”, Starley declared. “Good idea”, I agreed. She punched in the numbers on her phone. “Do you want to sit down Jane while Star talks to the police”, I inquired.                image

“Sure”, Jane replied. We chatted a little bit about our life. “They said they’re on there way”, Starley informed us. “Great”, Jane and I said. A few minutes later the police showed up. “We’ll take it from here”, The policeman said. “Thank you”, We all said at once. We stood in silence for a couple moments. “So, what do you want to do?”, Jane asked. “Go to the Cheese cake factory?”,Starley inquired. “Let’s do it”,I cheered. Then we walked out of the door as friends.          image          THE END.




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