How to do a: Sock Bun and a Fishtail Braid.

What you’ll need a old sock, a ponytail holder, and some hairclips also scissors. I’ll start off with the Sock bun. Get your sock and cut a thick strip of the top(where it hugs your ankle) or where your toe goes of the sock. Once you get that done make a high ponytail with the top of sock.    image Next, separate your hair evenly(Well I’ll jus show you a pic since it’s hard to explain 😉 ).imageDo it like the pic shows! When your done doing that get a ponytail holder and secure it. imageSo that it makes a bun. as you know there’s hair at the bottom so separate the hair at the bottom into two sections and twist them around the bun and secure is with some hair clips.

If our doll has shorter hair or you just like it better try the top knot! Here’s how to do it. Here’s what it looks like.         image

It’s just a little bun on the top of your head! If your doll has shorter hair Just take a section of the front of your hair(Like I did on Chrissa 🙂 . And twist it into a bun and secure with a hairclip. If your doll’s hair is longer do the same steps but take the front section of your doll’s hair and instead of just twisting it into a bun secure the front section with a ponytail holder and the twist into a bun and secure with some clips.   Here’s the back of Chrissa’s top knot!                       image


Next is the fishtail! What your going to need a ponytail holder. Start by parting your doll’s hair into two sections.

imageTake two small sections of hair and make an x across the two parts. Like this.    image Keep doing that till your done!    image By: Kiki


33 thoughts on “How to do a: Sock Bun and a Fishtail Braid.

  1. OMG thanks for putting fish tail braids on and the bun Im trying the fishtail on Mary it’s hard but I’m not giving up 😃


      1. No I don’t need a tutorial video but thanks! Other people might need one though so if youre thinking of doing it it’s a good idea 😃


  2. I did a fishtail braid in two of my dolls’ hair. I need a bit more practice. Also, my computer might have a virus 😦


  3. Hi! Where have you been? We’ve been checking your blog all day .Pleeeeeeeaaaase post soon! . 🐹-rae-🐹


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