French vs Ducth!

What side are you on?

Kamille is wearing the French pigtail braids and Carlin is wearing the Dutch pigtail braids! Know here is the tutorial of how to do the Dutch and French braids!

I’ll do the French first! take a little section of hair where her eyebrow is.      image   Take that section and make three little sections like you were just braiding.      imageInstead of just braiding it add pieces of hair while your braiding it. So that it doesn’t turn out like this.                    image You want it to turn out like this.                                   image



Now on to Dutch! it’s just like French braids but you go under the piece of hair not over.

Now time for Cinderella Hair(from the 2015 one) do’s!!

imageJust French braid a little then stop and just three strand braid and repeat on the other side. Sorry I don’t have any flowers.  Now this is a two in one hairstyle! If you repeated on the other side you can make a cool(Well it’s hard to explain so I’ll show u a pic).     image         Now just join the two French braids together! you can pin them in place but I just weaved the hair into the braids!  This Hair do’ is also from the movie!


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