This or That?!?

Hi! We’re playing This or That(summer version). Let’s get started!

Would you rather:

Camp all summer or Stay indoors all summer?

Wear street clothes in the pool or Wear a swimsuit to school?

Wear short sleeves with pants or Wear long sleeves with shorts?

Sleep all day in a tent or Wake up early in a hotel?

Travel by plane or By Car?

Braid your hair everyday or Dye it?

Swim until you drop or Shop?

Eat ice cream or Snowballs?




15 thoughts on “This or That?!?

  1. Hmmmm… Camp all summer, wear a swimsuit to school, long sleeves with shorts, wake up early in a hotel, by car,(I’ve never been on a plane) Braid hair every day, (I don’t want to swim until I drop so) shop, and of course, eat ice cream. Hehe this is fun! Please do more of these.:)


  2. Haha here’s what I would rather do…….
    1. Stay Indoors all summer (aagh I can’t stand the heat where I live!!!)
    2. Wear a swimsuit to school….? (both sound uncomfortable!)
    3. short sleeves with pants πŸ™‚
    4. wake up early in a hotel! (I don’t wanna sleep all day :P)
    5. by plane (not that ive ever been on one……)
    6. Sorry I don’t have an answer for this one XD
    7. Swim till I drop as long as i dont drop into the water and drown πŸ˜›
    8. ICE CREAM!!!! πŸ˜€ hehe I love ice cream

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  3. I’d rather…….
    1:Stay indoors all summer.
    2:Wear a swimsuit to school.
    3:Neither(I’d be hot either wayπŸ˜‹).
    4:Wake up early in a hotel.
    5:Plane(I’ve been a plane a couple times before😊).
    6:Dye it!(blue ombrΓ© of courseπŸ˜‰).
    7: Swim till I drop(I luv to swim and pretend I’m a mermaid 😍).
    8:Snowballs(blue raspberry sauce it’s always been my favorite πŸ™‚).


  4. This is so fun! I’d rather:

    Stay indoors! I can’t stand the heat!
    Wear a swimsuit to school…after all, you didn’t say that I couldn’t wear normal clothes over it! πŸ˜›
    Wear short sleeves with pants! I actually do this a lot of time!
    Wake up early in a hotel! I love hotels!
    Travel by plane! You can go farther, like to China!
    Braid my hair everyday, I love braids
    Shop! That wasn’t hard! πŸ˜›
    Eat ice cream! I love ice cream so so much! 🍦


  5. 1.Camp all summer
    2.Wear a swimsuit to school
    3.Wear short sleeves with pants
    4.Wake up early in a hotel I love hotels
    5.Travel by plane
    6.Dye my hair blue and purple or ombre
    7.This is hard ummm..I guess shop
    8.Ice cream(Snowballs don’t taste good)


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