Mermaid hair!

So as you know it’s getting closer and closer to summer. So I decided to do this hairstyle that I call mermaid hair! So let’s begin!

Here’s what it looks like……

It’s quite beautiful and simple. What your going to need hair elastic, French braid skill.

Take a three little sections in the back of the head like u were going to do a big French braid.


Now French braid but instead of taking big sections take little sections from the front where her ear is. So you get that look.

imageWhen you’re done tie it off with and elastic and you have elegant mermaid hair!!   Also you can put in a highlight to make it more mermaid!


Enjoy!!!       🐰-Kiki-🐰


17 thoughts on “Mermaid hair!

  1. Wow I’ll have to try it too! It really does look like mermaid hair! -rae- (yes little hammies are taking a break right now cause i’m too lazy to look for them 😛 )

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