The best AG movie ever!

Hi! Guys yesterday  night I saw the new AG movie Lea to the rescue!

image.jpegHere it is! Now here’s my review. I’ll begin with the cover.

The girl that plays Lea(Maggie Elizabeth Jones) doesn’t look a thing like the doll. Which I already new before the movie came out. I didn’t think this movie would be  good but it ended up being my favorite AG movie! You’re probably wondering why it was my favorite? Well I loved it better than any other AG movie for two reasons. One because it was not self focused(the whole movie was about finding her brother). Two because it had so much action! I’ll talk more about my reasons. In Isabelle she didn’t have confidence,Grace she wanted to make pastries and have a relationship with her cousin, and in McKenna she was worried that she wouldn’t win the gymnastics meet. I’m not saying that Isabelle, Grace, and McKenna’s problems wouldn’t happen in real life but when you make a whole movie about it’s kind of selfish and almost boring and babyish. Lea’s movie is 100 percent adventure! Now there is action with police and poachers. Zac is trying find these poachers then goes missing and it’s up to Lea and her mom(also Paula, his girlfriend) to try to find him. Lea and her mom fly to Brazil looking for him. Lea isn’t thrilled Zac has a girlfriend so they get off on the wrong foot. While Lea’s mom is going to the police Lea drags Paula to the Amazon forest to look for  Zac and the adventure begins! Maggie was excellent in the movie and so was the rest of the cast! There are cute animals and unexpected twists! I hope you enjoyed my review till next time!



25 thoughts on “The best AG movie ever!

  1. I want to watch it! Thanks for the review! Now if only I had a way to get the movie…………………………………….. – rae –

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  2. You know what kind of AG movie they should do? They should make a Truly Me movie. I know it sounds kind of weird but like the people who make AG should choose a Truly Me doll and then they give her a name and make a whole movie about it. 🐴- Awesome123-🐴(My favorite animal is a horse)

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    1. Luv the horse! Now we’re all matcheis!! Yeah if they made a truly me movie they could make it like she is adopted and they name her it would be cool but the people who make movies r prob busy 😕


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