Happy Birthday Carley!

         Kamille rapidly opened the curtains in Chrissa’s and Saige’s room.

             “C’mon, Guys, Wake up!”.

                                                     “Why?, mumbled Saige sleepily.

     “It’s Carley’s birthday, and we have to make pizza”, replied Kamille.

             “Oh, yeah I forgot!”, exclaimed Saige.

                           Chrissa tumbled out of bed saying, “What are we waiting for?”

    The three girls tiptoed down the stairs as to not wake up Carlin.

As they entered the kitchen, Saige got the cookbook off the shelf and blew the dust off the cover. Chrissa grabbed the ingredients out of the pantry as Saige called them out.

Soon after the pizzas were ready to go into the oven. The smell drifted up into Carlin’s room where she woke up delighted. Car made her bed and put on her clothes.

Meanwhile, downstairs the girls were scurrying about cleaning up and getting Carley’s gifts.

     Kamille peeked into the hallway, “She’s coming!”, squealed Kamille.

                  Carlin raced down the hallway.

  “Happy thirteenth birthday!”, They all exclaimed.

              “Thank you”, she said while giving them all a hug.


“Here Carley”, Saige said while showing her to the living room.

       “Here’s lunch”, Chrissa announced.

            “That’s where the smell was coming from”, Carlin inhaled deeply.

       “Yup”, Kamille giggled.

“Let’s dig in”, suggested Saige, “My stomach is growling!”.

They said grace and devoured the scrumptious pizza. All their plates were licked clean.

image“It’s time to open your gifts!”, Saige exclaimed.

They all got up and gathered around the table.

      “Open this one!”, squealed Chrissa.

        “Ok!”, Carlin said with excitement.

imageInside was an outfit she’d been keeping her eye on for awhile. It was a Paris graphic shirt with a pink shirt.

image“Thank you, I love it!”, Carlin said with inner happiness.

        “Your welcome”, Chrissa replied.

                 “Kam and I also got you a gift”, Saige informed, “So, close your eyes”.

imageCarley closed her eyes and tried not to peek. Saige got the gift and held it in her arms.

image“Here you go!”, Kamille exclaimed while placing in the gift in Car’s arms.

          In her arms was the doll that she has wanting.

           “Thank you!”, Carlin sprang up and gave them both big hugs.

image       Next, they went to the water park and went to the sandwich shack for dinner.

When they got home the slumber party was in full swing.

They all got their pajamas on and put on the movie. They all snuggled on the sofa.

“I’m going to stay awake till morning”, Saige said with pride.

“No, you’re not”, Carley said.

“Let’s play a game, who can stay awake till morning?”, Kam suggested.

“Ok!”, They all agreed.

imageThree hours later they were asleep!

THE END                                                                                                                                                                                           By: 🐰-Kiki-🐰

Ps: The pizzas are from Kait’s AG crafts right here-  https://kaitsagcrafts.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/diy-ag-doll-pizza/


19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Carley!

  1. What a great birthday for Carley. You did such a terrific job of putting this post together. Congratulations. I enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Birthday Carley! Great story! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Also, my dolls all wanted to say happy birthday so……..

    Happy Birthday BFF! -Molly

    Happy Birthday Carlin! – Parker (ugh Parker sounds like a boy name!)

    Your thirteen? How is it like to be thirteen? Also, Happy Birthday! -Holly

    Happy Birthday 🙂 – Samantha

    Happy Birthday Carley 😀 – Elizabeth

    🐹- rae-🐹 and Molly and Holly and Sammie and Lizzy and Parker (whew thats a lot of people 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

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