This or That?

Hello! We’re playing This or That? Random version!

1.Blueberry muffins or Chocolate cake?

2.Skirts or Shorts?

3.Hearts or Stars?

4.Dogs or Cats?

5.Day or Night?

6.Short hair or Long hair?

7.Chocolate or Vanilla?

8.Fireflies or Ladybugs?

9.Lagoon blue or Bubble gum pink?

10.Lunch or Dinner?

ByE!    -Kiki-


10 thoughts on “This or That?

  1. 1: Chocolate Cake
    2: Shorts
    3: Hearts
    4: Hmmm that’s hard… Both!
    5: Night! (I love to play hide and seek outside at night)
    6: Long Hair
    7: Chocolate
    8: Fireflies
    9: Hmmm I don’t know… I guess Bubblegum Pink
    10: Man this is hard. I guess dinner

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  2. 1. Cake
    2. Shorts! I don’t like skirts!
    4. this one’s hard.., I love both!
    5. I really don’t know…..
    6. Short hair if that means shoulder length hair
    7. Both are delicious but probably chocolate 😍
    8.Fireflies! They are so fascinating!
    9.Lagoon blue
    10. Dinner

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  3. 1.) Chocolate Cake
    2.) Shorts! Skirts are sometimes uncomfortable
    3.) Stars!
    5.) Day! After watching horror movies, I am totally frightened of the dark xD
    6.) Long hair
    7.) Chocolate NOMNOMNOM
    8.) Fireflies ❤
    9.) Lagoon blue! I don't really like pink…
    10.) Dinner

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  4. 1-Blueberry muffins
    2-shorts duh noooo skirts p!!😉😉
    4-Dogs, my dog Digger just passed away,😭but I still love dogs
    5-idk I like stuff in both
    6- pros and cons in each but if I had to pick day
    9-Lagoon Blue my fav color
    10-idk probably lunch


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