Q & A

Hello! I will finally answer your questions!

Q: Do I watch Once upon a time and do I listen to Melanie Martinez

A: I’ve heard of Once upon a time but I don’t watch it and I don’t listen to Melanie Martinez.    

Q: What’s my pet peeve?  

A: When people say Y’all, When people call salsa hot sauce, when people don’t take care of AG dolls like (even the little things like there skirt’s on backwards). 

Q: What’s my next photo story? What’s it going to be called?

A:  I have 2 ideas for my next photo story but I don’t want to say it till it’s confirmed that’s what I’m doing so no one copies.  

Q: What’s my second favorite AG movie?

A: It’s a tie between Molly and(I can’t pick).        

Q: What’s my favorite book? 

A: The Wizard of Oz and Alice through the looking glass.

Q: What’s my favorite veggie? 

A: Um….I like pretty much all veggies! 

Q: How tall am I?  

A: 5’10

Q: If I could buy 2 retired historical dolls what would they be? (that were not made into the Beforever line).

A: Emily Bennet and Kirsten Larson. 

Thank you! Good bye! 




10 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Thank you sooooooooo much, I’m still trying to work on my petition to get me back from the archives, as long as they don’t pink dazzle my wardorbe and put everything at an unreasonable price.


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