Straw curls!

Hey! Today I’ll show you how to do straw curls. They’re very pretty! Note: Don’t try this on dolls that have straight hair.

What you are going to need!

A spritz bottle filled with water. And American girl doll hair brush. Paper towels. Straws.

image image This is what her hair looks like before. You can see that her ends are very dry! So in a couple days I’m going to wash it!

imageCover your dolls face with a paper towel so water doesn’t rust out her eyes.

image Now grab a small section of hair and spritz it till damp. Get your straw a put it near the top of the section and wrap her hair around the straw. Like this!

image And when your all out of hair tie the straw like a shoe lace.

image Like that!

imageHere’s her hair all done! I didn’t braid the beach wave. Leave this in her hair for 1 hour!

image I’m back and I took them out and this is how it looks!


AHH! She’s beautiful! This is super easy!



27 thoughts on “Straw curls!

  1. Hey Kiki, if Rae didn’t tell you, we’re going to be camping for a few days. It’s pretty much today and tomorrow, so when there isn’t comments on here by us, that means we’re gone. (Obviously) We’re leaving this afternoon. Just so you know. I’ll check on here when we get back. -SKE AKA awesom123-

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