What’s Missing?

Hi! We’re playing What’s Missing? I’ll show you a picture with all the stuff in it then I’ll show you the same picture but with some stuff gone. 7 things are missing! Have fun!



Tell me if you found them all! Like it if you had fun! And also tell me if you can’t find them!



11 thoughts on “What’s Missing?

  1. 1. Samantha mini doll
    2. The purple and whiteish bracelet
    3. A toy car
    4. Weird colorful thing in front of toy cars
    5. the white thing on the top shelf that says Christian
    6. I think it was a snow globe? it was by her right hand
    7. a red lego thing on the top shelf
    Was I right?

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  2. Found them all! Thanks for the post! Sorry I haven’t checked your blog all day I was gone all day. Haha I remember that globe we got it for you!
    -SKE AKA awesom123

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  3. Ohhh I did make you that cupcake! And we gave you that snow globe! I found everything 😎 I actually didn’t see the snow globe for a minute 😛

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      1. Sorry that I didn’t like this post yesterday. I love these What’s Missing games. I just forget to hit the like button sometimes 😨

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