Episode 1 of Ag Olympics-Gymnastics

Hi! Today is finally AG OLYMPICS!!! So how it works is I am the announcer for the Olympics and my dolls perform the tricks. The first sport is gymnastics! Also all the sports are held outside. Enough with explaining let’s begin with the games!

Hello my name is Kiki. It is finally the Olympics after 4 long years. The girls are lined up for there first sport. Here they are now.

image(From left to right) Meritt, Carlin, Kamille, and Saige are the players, and their coach is Chrissa.

imageShe will tell them what to do, and examine there every movement. The girls are having are having a conversations let’s close up on it.

imageKam: Saige, are you worried?

Saige: Why should I be? This going to be easy!

Kam: Just asking. I hope ballet pays off.

imageMeritt: I hope the Chrissa is a nice judge.

Carley: Well you don’t want her to be to nice or no one will win.

Meritt: True.

I’m back. It’s time for Gymnastics to begin! Saige is up first. imageNow Chrissa has 4 stunts she wants you to perform if you don’t perform them to her standards it’s someone else’s turn.

Chrissa: Your first stunt is a front handspring.

Saige got in to a handstand and her legs went over with no effort.

image She landed spot on!

imageChrissa: Second stunt is a front flip.

She jumped and tucked.

imageBut landed on her back!

imageSaige: Owww!!

Poor Saige that looked liked it hurt! Next up is Kamille. She will perform the same stunts as Saige (in the same order) but she has to try to get farther then Saige.

imageShe gracefully leaped into a front handspring.

imageShe landed perfect!

imageLet’s see if she can do the front flip. She jumped and tucked and………………………………image………..Landed!

Chrissa: Your third stunt is a split.

imageShe went down but to quickly and lost her balance.

imageShe got farther than Saige but didn’t perform all the stunts. Next up is Meritt.

imageShe went into a handstand but slipped and fell on her stomach.

imageMeritt: OWWW! (Crying)

No , not Meritt getting hurt to! Next up is Carlin!

imageShe got into a handstand and her legs glided over.

imageShe landed flawlessly.

imageShe jumped and tucked for the front flip.

imageAnd landed like the first time.

She got into a split slowly and balanced.


Chrissa: Your final stunt is a back handspring.

Let’s see if she can perform it!


She went into a backbend and brought her legs over with excellence.


She completed it! No we’re waiting for Chrissa to decide who stays and who leaves.

Chrissa: I declare it’s a…………………………………TIE.

Stay tuned for episode 2 track! on Sunday!  -Kiki-







16 thoughts on “Episode 1 of Ag Olympics-Gymnastics

  1. Amazing!!! Oh, poor Meritt… I liked the last pic of Carley she’s so cute!
    -SKE- P.S: I also changed my picture! It’s a picture I took while we

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  2. Ugh somehow I stopped commenting and it sent! Oh well. Continuing my comment… were staying in a cabin. Rae edited it and then I wanted it to have a blurry background so she helped me with that then I typed in her name. Pretty, right? 😉

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