Episode 3 of AG Olympics- Swimming

Hey, Guys! Kiki here. It is the third day of the Olympics. The girls got there bathing suits on and they’re ready to swim! I wish I could swim it’s so hot out here, but never mind that. Let’s close up on them before they’re going to swim.


Carlin: Good luck!

Meritt: Thanks! You too!

Saige: You’re going to need it!

Chrissa: On your mark……….get set………..GO!

There they go! So far Meritt is in first by a little bit, and Saige is in third.imageThis is definitely Meritt’s sport! She is usually in last place but today she’s showing us what she’s got! Saige on the other hand not so much. Carlin is pretty much good at all the sports so far.

image Now, Carlin is in the lead just when we thought Meritt had it in the bag! Saige is only a little bit behind Meritt. Meritt picked up the pace, but Carlin is already out of the water!

imageCarlin wins this round! What an exciting round! I thought for sure Meritt was going to win.

Chrissa: Saige is out!

Stay tuned for the next episode of AG Olympics! airing on Thursday!



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