Episode 4 of AG Olympics- Hopscotch

Day 4 last day of AG Olympics unless they tie then they have to do another sport to break it.imageThe girls get 2 rounds of hopscotch each. Carlin will be going first. The goal is to get farther than the other person, and to not mess up your jumping. There about to begin.

Meritt: I’m so nervous!

Carlin: Me too!

imageCarlin threw the stone and it landed on 9

imageShe’s hopping on the squares with ease.

image She just picked up the stone now lets see if she can jump back.


She makes it! She jumped all the way back. Now, it’s Meritt’s turn.

imageShe also throws a 9. I wonder who is going to win!


imageShe is currently on square number 4 making her way to 9. She’s picking up the stone now hopping back to 1.  She made it! Carlin’s turn is next.


Carlin throws a five. She’s hops through it just like the first time. No! She missed 2, and 3 she hopped in the middle instead!

imageIf Meritt can get to five and bring back the stone she wins the Olympics if she can’t it’ll be a tie. She is currently jumping correctly. let’s see if she can make i………No! She also misses!

imageIt looks like it’s a tie but let’s see what Chrissa says.

imageChrissa: We have a tie there will have to be another game to break it!

Stay tuned for episode 5 of AG Olympics! Airing Saturday!




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