Episode 5 of AG Olympics- shot-put

Hello, world! Kiki here! Today is the last day of AG Olympics! I’m so excited! I wonder who’s going to win? never mind, that let the games begin! Carlin and Meritt are here, and getting warmed up.


Carlin thoughts: I’m so nervous! I want to win so bad!  

Meritt’s thoughts: Carlin is probably going to win. She’s better at sports than me. 

Chrissa: Carlin you’re first!

imageCarlin has placed the rock in her and, any moment  she’s gong to swing!

imageShe’s spinning around and, there goes the rock! It’s pretty much soaring!

imageThud. Carlin threw it very far! Meritt definitely has a challenge!  Chrissa put down a brick to mark her place.

imageMeritt picked up the stone, and spun around.

imageThe ball is flying!

imageMeritt WINS!!! Yay! I’m so happy for her! In the beginning she started out not very good, but now she’s won gold!


Meritt: *Cries* I can’t believe it!

Carlin: Congrats.

Meritt: Thank you so much! You’ve bee such an encouragement!

Carlin’s thoughts: I guess Yahweh(Hebrew for god) didn’t want me to win. I can’t be upset about that I least I get silver right? Right. 


Chrissa: Congrats, Meritt!

Meritt: Thank you!

Meritt, and Carlin will get there medals tomorrow at the assembly! Good luck Carley and Merr!

Stay tuned Monday for Episode 6- Assembly!





23 thoughts on “Episode 5 of AG Olympics- shot-put

  1. My dog was chasing something into the poisonous bushes i hope she is ok because she got into them and might have eaten some of it(she probably didnt but im worried about her)


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