Craft: Pet Hermit Crab and Tank

Hi, Everyone! It is I, Kiki! Today Hamstermaniac12 is doing a craft! It’s really adorable and creative! Let’s get started! Btw, I’m the purple and she’s orange 🙂

Hey there! I’m Rae from the comments :p I’ve done a guest post before(Meet my doll’s friends). Before we start here’s a few facts to get to me better!                                                                                                                    1. I love hamsters! ❤                                                                                                                            

2. I’ve commented on almost every AG by the Cape post/ Page(Except for the first one cause I didn’t have Gravatar set up then ).   

I would’ve done a hamster related craft but, I didn’t really have any ideas. It took me a long time to think of this one so, I hope you enjoy it!

imageGet out your red pipe cleaner. Trim a small piece off. This will be the body.

image                                                             Bend the piece in half.

imageTrim another piece off your pipe cleaner(about half the size of the first one), and bend it in half, and set it on top of the first piece. These will be the legs. I know Hermit crabs have more legs, but that’s all I could fit on :$ 

image                  Twist the legs together so they can stay on.

image                            Get out your bead. This will be the shell.

image    Slide your shell onto the part that you bent up in the second step. 

imageCut another piece of pipe cleaner about half the size of the leg pieces, and cut that in half(Yes, that a lot of halves 🙂 ) 

imageThen get out your black pipe cleaner, and yes, make it half the size of the last pieces. Glue the black pieces to the red pieces you trimmed in the last step and these are the eyes. 

imageGlue the eyes to the hermit crab, and then you’re done! (With crab anyway). 

imageGet out your plastic box (or whatever is 🙂

image                                     Get out your glue.

imageGet out your paint brush to spread the glue at the bottom of the plastic box.

image       Get out your glitter. It must be glitter not glitter glue.  

imageSprinkle it at the bottom of the tank (Can I just call it tank?) for sand. Shake out the excess.

  imageNow, you’re done! This is optional but you could make a bigger shell by gluing the another bead to the shell.

imageIsn’t she cute? Her name is Shelby(get it?) 

I hope you guys enjoy Rae’s craft! Comment below if you love it! Thank you Rae for making this Cute Craft!                -Kiki-




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