What I don’t get about Melody Ellison!

Hello! As you can tell I’m confused! Take a look  at what I mean!

Image result for Melody ellison

Doesn’t her hair look dry, and light brownish? Now let’s take a look at this picture!

Image result for Melody ellison

It’s shiny,and black! Does this make sense to anyone? If so comment down below!

-Kiki-       (All these pictures are not mine they are from goggle)



20 thoughts on “What I don’t get about Melody Ellison!

  1. Um, that’s little weird. I never noticed that. Melody also looks creepy in those sunglasses. (Shudders) Maybe because she’s in a darker background then in the first picture? Well at least that’s what it looks like to me.

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  2. Hmm…. Interesting. Her hair does look dry and rather light brown in the first pic. The way it looks in the second one could be the lighting but you’re right that doesn’t make sense :/

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  3. Its the same texture as addy’s hair and historical kaya’s hair so it is a little dry, but her hair with the pouf and flip and the end and the bangs is like the PERFECT hairstyle to put on a doll from the 60’s! Also I think the 2nd picture was like a dark picture with a bright flash, which made it look like that

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    1. If you even look on the AG website when she’s in her pajamas her hair is dry and light brownish. When you look at when she’s in her floral dress her hair is shiny and black! How do u absolutely know it’s the perfect style? I’m sure there were others to put her in 🙂 🐰-Kiki-🐰

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