You have to see/read this!

Hey! Yesterday I was watching some Z. Crew videos, and I saw that Z was wearing Lea’s hiking pants. I thought that oh Lea had to be out when this one aired, but she wasn’t! It was actually 3 more months till Lea came! The video is called Meet M, The Newest Member of the ZCREW . Take a look at the video yourself! I’m pretty surprised that AG would do this. I mean people do look out for little hints like this. They have to know that, or maybe they want to drop hints like this? Well that’s the post today! B-Y-E-!-!



25 thoughts on “You have to see/read this!

  1. Hello! Sorry I haven’t commented! I didn’t check cause you don’t really post on weekends. I was kinda busy too so I didn’t have a chance to 😦
    Z wore Lea’s hiking pants before Lea came out? That’s weird 😲 I wonder why. I saw part of that episode (I think) but I never noticed the pants .

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