You have to see/read this!

Hey! Yesterday I was watching some Z. Crew videos, and I saw that Z was wearing Lea’s hiking pants. I thought that oh Lea had to be out when this one aired, but she wasn’t! It was actually 3 more months till Lea came! The video is called Meet M, The Newest Member of the ZCREW . Take a look at the video yourself! I’m pretty surprised that AG would do this. I mean people do look out for little hints like this. They have to know that, or maybe they want to drop hints like this? Well that’s the post today! B-Y-E-!-!



25 thoughts on “You have to see/read this!

      1. 🙂 Maybe….But we’d probably just get an automatic email cause there busy. But you never know! Do you know AG youtube? It’s like the AG company has these girls make AG related videos. There are 5 girls(I think) there names are Brynn, Amina,Noa, Victoria, and Elana. I always wonder are these girls just random or are they related to American girl people somehow?

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  1. Hello! Sorry I haven’t commented! I didn’t check cause you don’t really post on weekends. I was kinda busy too so I didn’t have a chance to 😦
    Z wore Lea’s hiking pants before Lea came out? That’s weird 😲 I wonder why. I saw part of that episode (I think) but I never noticed the pants .

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    1. Hey! It’s perfectly fine!😉 Yeah, I usually don’t post on weekends but I haven’t posted in awhile so I thought I’ll just do it today😊 I know I’ve been super busy too😐 Yeah, I thought so too!🙂 AG I guess likes dropping hints? Yeah I really observe things.
      🐼-KIKI -🐰

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