AG Outfit Wish-list!

Hi Guys! Today I’ll be showing what outfits I want, and like.  Let’s get started!

(None of these images are mine. Credit to whoever owns them!)

Image result for Leas hiking outfit

I absolutely love this outfit! Everything about it! ❤ That’s why it’s number one on my list!

Image result for Leas bahiaoutfit

This is number two because I love the ombre shirt! It looks so good on her! The shorts aren’t to bad, but they remind me of grandma shorts :p  The sandals are not for me 🙂

Image result for lea's celebration outfit

This number is three because well look at it! It’s adorable! The colors, three tiers, and the headband!


Image result for Truly me penguin pjs

This is an outfit I like. I don’t like it enough to put it on my want list but it is cute!

Image result for Maryellen's school outfit

I eventually want this outfit. Not right now because Lea is only here for one year, but once she’s gone I’ll definitely consider this! It looks so cute on her!

Image result for sparkle spotlight doll outfit

I think this outfit is cute.  From the shirt to the shorts, but I’ll probably never get it 🙂 I just don’t love it that much. I ❤ Lea’s collection WAY MORE!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Maybe, next week I’ll do what AG furniture I like!





31 thoughts on “AG Outfit Wish-list!

      1. Yes!!!! 😍One minute I like this next I like another! 😍 Which Lea outfit do you like right now? I used to hate the Bahia outfit but now it’s growing on me! I used to love the hiking outfit but now it seems not as great. Lea’s celebration is absolutely beautiful but I can’t mix and match 😕 So I don’t know! Have you ever been in this situation before?
        Ps:I hope you don’t mind a comment full of questions😋

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      2. LOL, I feel you! Well, her Celebration Outfit is my favorite, but I already have that so I don’t know if it counts. 😄 Her hiking outfit is super cute, but I’m not sure if I’ll get it for sure or not. And yes, definitely! I used to be absolutely in love with Isabelle Palmer when she came out, and was going to ask for her for my birthday. But then as time went on, I didn’t want her as much. I got Ivy instead, before she retired. So yeah, I definitely know how it is to just love one thing and then after a while the excitement about it just kinda dwindles down. 😛
        P.S. Hehe! I don’t mind at all! 😄 I hope you don’t mind my long comments… 😄

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      3. 😂. I know her celebration outfit is to die for!😍 But my practical self is telling me I should probably get something more casual.😕 That’s funny cause the exact same thing happened to me! I really wanted Julie, but when got to the AG store my Mom noticed some cons and told me and I wasn’t as fond of her any more. So I got Maryellen instead! Yeah I hear you on that! I used to dislike Lea so much, but now I really want her!😍
        Ps: I Love long questions!!!💙

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