I made a collab blog!

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki! I teamed up with Hamstermaniac12, and Awesome123 to make a collab blog! We decided on the name 3 Girl’s & Randomness. The theme is PB&J, and it would mean a lot if you’d check it out. Here’s the link:   https://3girlsmeetworld.wordpress.com/           Also, you can find out more facts about me on that blog. You can also find out more about Rae, and Skye. We’ve worked hard on making it look just right. So, I hope you enjoy! Till next time…………………….




14 thoughts on “I made a collab blog!

  1. Whoops (I love saying that 😛 ). I commented on this, but for the past few days a ton of my comments were somehow marked as spam because I commented on so many different blogs, I think. 😛 Anyway, I believe it is working now, so I will say…
    That is so awesome you started a collab blog! I’m going to ask for permission to go to it as soon as possible! It’s clean, right? 😀 (I’m pretty sure it is, if you’re on it. 😄)

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    1. Really? You were marked as new but I quickly approved you so you’re good on my blog! Thank you! Yes it’s clean! It’s an anything blog so you’ll see books,Dolls, nature, I also put this post on there!

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      1. Okay! Phew! Must’ve just been those couple of days then that my comments were acting crazy. 😛 Ooh, awesome! As soon as I get permission to go on your new collab blog, I’ll go to it and follow! 😄 Right now my parents’ are eating dinner, though, so it could be a while. 😄

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