9 Tips for Blogging

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki! I’m here today to give some useful tips for blogging. So, let’s get on to the post!

1: NEVER COPY! We think hard to come up with ideas. Just because you admire that person doesn’t mean you have to copy them. How would you like it if someone copied every little thing you did? I personally don’t mind if me, and another random blogger just happened to be alike, but not random bloggers just copying my likes, and personality!

2: When you take pictures of your dolls make sure their hair is brushed, outfits are facing the way they should, and that theirs outfits match. Also make sure you have good lighting!

3: Good Grammar. I’ve went on some blogs, and they didn’t care to add punctuation marks, or capitalize. This made there blog look trashy, and themselves lazy.

4: Once you get more viewers don’t get snobby, or prideful. Popular blogs think they are the best, and to busy for you. Believe me. When I once started blogging this blogger used to be nice, and comment. Once, she got more popular she never commented again.

5: Add cliffhangers. Viewers love cliffhangers in stories! You will have them hooked to your blog!

6: Don’t blame your viewers. It makes you look bad. I saw this blog who hasn’t posted this photo story part in awhile, and kept promising the viewers this week. She ended up never doing it. Then her viewers got confused and kept asking, and she has the nerve to get upset. I know some viewers can be cruel, but that’s no excuse!

7: Remember this is fun! It’s not a job(unless yours is supposed to be) Also, remember don’t copy! I know, can’t you tell how much I dislike it?

8: Don’t call your self werid. Ugh. Everybody calls them self werid but since everybody does they actually aren’t werid! Get it? I never call my self werid. You can judge for yourself if I’m different on the Meet Kiki page.

9: Just be yourself! I really dislike it when bloggers act different just to attract popular blogs. What happened to just being yourself?

I hope this post has helped you on what, and what not to do😉

You’re blogger………………….


Ps: Look at Rae’s beautiful doll, Molly in this photo-shoot!https://3girlsmeetworld.wordpress.com/2016/10/02/the-great-outdoors-a-photo-shoot/

Have you ever heard of Animal jam? If not see Skye’s introduction to it!  https://3girlsmeetworld.wordpress.com/2016/10/06/introduction-to-animal-jam-part-1/

Here’s my Brother’s blog!



41 thoughts on “9 Tips for Blogging

  1. WONDERFUL post, Kiki! I know these tips will help tons of bloggers! I especially love #4, and can TOTALLY relate. When my blog gets more popular, I will always keep commenting on the doll blogs I love and the blogs of those who follow me. And keep replying to their comments on my blog. Always. Because I definitely know how it feels to have someone super nice be commenting on your blog, get super popular, and then not comment anymore. It made me really, really sad, and honestly, I felt like my blog totally stank. 😥
    All your tips are amazing, by the way! #9 is so very true… and I need to work on it myself. 😄 I was reading through my old posts yesterday and started laughing because what I wrote I was SO funny! Then I realized I had almost changed just to be like the more popular blogs out there, and that totally took the fun out the entire thing. I would take what popular blogs did and “learn” from them (not copying) and how they did things to get so popular – but really, I just started sort of changing the way I wrote and wasn’t being myself. And the only thing it did was made me more frustrated! So I definitely need to remember #9. 😀
    Thanks again for posting this. It will help a ton of bloggers – including me!! 😄
    P.S. Hmm… I think long comments are a bit of a tradition of mine… 😄

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes number 4! Yes me too! Yes I understand! It’s happened to me multiple times! Yes number 9 is good too! Yes when I first started blogging I was trying to act cool and stuff but it was hard! Yes!!! I totally understand!!! You’re welcome! I’m really glad this helped you! I hope it helps other blogs too!
      Ps: when you first started commenting I thought you’re comments would be temporary but they’re not! You’ve so nice to me to comment! 😊

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re welcome! And ugh, I know right? (#4) Yeah, it was hard to try to change the natural way I wrote and posted. 😛 I’m so glad someone else understands! 😀 And I know it will! 😀 (help other blogs)
        P.S. Aw, you’re totally welcome! I love your blog, and thank YOU for commenting on my blog, too! Did you know that for the past two months you’ve been my top commenter? Thank you so much! I always love reading your comments and receiving your likes on my posts!! 😊

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      2. Yes! I make an effort to comment on beginning blogs more than popular blogs cause I know how it feels to post with no comments! Yes I’ve tried to do that once but it felt so fake! I ended up just rewriting the post how I normally would! Yes I do. Thank you!
        Ps: You’re welcome! I love your posts! What?!? Me! Wow! I feel honored! You’re totally welcome!

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      3. Me, too! A lot of the popular blogs don’t comment back or even acknowledge that you commented, so a lot of times it’s hardly even worth commenting to me. 😛 (except Liz from AG Fan, she doesn’t reply to comments all the time but she’s super nice. She commented on my blog when I first began and I was so excited! She wasn’t the rude blogger I was talking about in my first comment. :P) So yeah, I make it my effort to comment on the less-popular blogs a lot more, too. 😀 And you’re welcome!
        P.S. Thanks!! 😀 And yes! 😄😄😄


      4. I know! Not to long ago I wanted to be more popular and comment on some popular blogs, and guess what they still haven’t responded! Yes I feel the same way! I never heard of that blog! Yes.
        Ps: you’re welcome! 😄😄

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  2. Yeah, a ton of them don’t respond! 😕 Like, I understand if you have a huge business with hundreds of thousands of followers and so many comments you can’t keep track of them all, but for girls who still find the time to love dolls should find the time to acknowledge their loyal commenters. 😛 Oh, really? Liz from AmericanGirlFan.com is the most popular doll blog that I know of. She’s super duper nice. 😀
    P.S. 😄😄

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    1. Ugh, it’s 6:30, so I better go and finish prepping my dolls and the props for this really big birthday photo story I’m doing for Jasmine and Molly-Anne on Saturday. 😛 Bye Kiki! Hope to talk with you soon. 😄
      P.S. It doesn’t seem like a long time when you’re getting all of your dolls ready for a post ’cause it’s so fun, but I timed myself and it’s taken over five hours and I STILL haven’t gotten everything together! 😮

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  3. EXCELLENT post! Particularly 1 and 2. Another good reason not to copy someone else is not only is it kind of like stealing, but it also gets boring. I’ve found myself un-following a lot of blogs because of too much repetition. I like variety in my life!

    Combing your dolls hair–I cannot emphasize that one enough. I hate it when I discover a few hairs out of place, but I know of a couple people who take photos of their dolls and they look like a major windstorm hit! I’m not talking kids either, these are adults! It only takes a few minutes and makes your photos look SO much better.

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