Goty name connections!

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki! Today I want to show you some Goty name connections I’ve noticed. I’ve noticed this 1 year ago. I was thinking about this, and thought it would make a good post! So, let’s get started!

Ok, The actress that does McKenna is Jade pettyjohn. Her gymnastics coach is named Isabelle. Do you see the connection? Isabelle Palmer(Goty 2014), and she has a sister named Jade. In the Saige book Gabi has a friend named Renata. Isabelle’s bully is named Renata. The actress that does Jade in Isabelle is Grace Davidson, then a year later you have Grace Thomas(Goty 2015). Β I think that’s it, if I remember more I’ll add it in. Have any of you guys noticed this? BYE!!!!!

Ps: This is a huge sign off!πŸ˜„


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