The Sunshine Blogger Award



Hey Guys! Kiki here! I got nominated by Abby from Breakfast with the Dolls  So, let’s get started!

                    THE RULES!

1. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.
2. Nominate 11 blogs.
3. Ask them 11 questions

                MY ANSWERS!

1.Do you like any of these bands: Fall Out Boy , Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, Black Veil Brides?   

I’ve never heard of any of these bands 🙂

2.Answer it if you know it: I like your shoelaces.

I guess I’m not answering this cause I don’t know it!

3. You’re in the Hunger Games who do you pick as an ally? (It has to be another blogger).

I’ve never watched the Hunger Games, FYI. Umm…I guess any of my blogger buddies.

4. Who is your bestie blogger buddy?

Rae, Skye, Abby, Madi, and Doll Dimensions.

5.  Truth or Dare? (Comment below your answer I’ll give you a dare) Also you have to put it in your Nomination post.

I don’t care.

6. What do you want for Christmas?

I actually do not do Christmas. I do Hanukkah. And I want: A bike, to go clothes shopping, a Doll, and some other stuff.

7. What are you thinking about?

Answering this question 😉

9.  If you met me in real life, what do think I would be like?

I’m not for sure. Maybe bubbly, funny, loud? Or she could be the opposite like shy, and quiet.

10. What’s your favorite movie? 

That’s hard! I like AG movies, Starwars movies, Wizard of Oz and so much more!

11. If you could only use 1 word to describe yourself what would it be?

Creative and Bohemian .

Bonus Question (I’m 99% sure this isn’t allowed): What do want us to know?

That I just redid my bedroom, it’s super cold where I live right now(It’s in the 60’s. To other people who live in a colder climate that’s probably warm), my favorite fall drink is apple cider, and that’s really it 🙂

                  THE NOMINEES!

Rae from 3 Girls & Randomness.

Kait from Kait’s Ag Crafts.

Chance from Lego Lane

Madi from Delightful World of Dolls


Allie Taylor from The Depth Of My Faith

Julia from Julia’s Journal.

Olivia from  Life as Liv

Kayla from In Dollywood

I’m sorry I don’t know anybody else!

               THE QUESTIONS!

  1. What are you’re 3 favorite Girl names?
  2. What are you allergic to?
  3. What kind of shoes do you like to wear?
  4. What is your eye color?
  5. What is your style? (like with clothing and stuff).
  6. Who is your best blogging buddy?( I stole that from Abby who stole it from Lu).
  7. What is your favorite subject?
  8. What do you want Goty 2017 to look like? If you aren’t a AG lover then What is your favorite animal?
  9. What is your favorite sport.
  10. Describe yourself in a paragraph.

Thanks again ABBY! I might of said that a little to loud XD




Day 4- Pictures of my trip!

Hey, Guys! Kiki here! I know it’s been along time, but today is the day! Click HERE to see Day three, and click  HERE to see Day two! Also click HERE to see the Day we arrived! Now that you are all caught up I can begin!

My Aunt & Uncle took Chance(my brother), and I………………………….Wait for it…………. .  ………………………………. HORSEBACKRIDING! I know so exciting! This was hands down my favorite day!

Ok, so when we arrived we were greeted by a male Peacock!

img_3982Isn’t pretty? I thought so!

img_3983Here are some Donkeys! They are utterly adorable!

img_3987Here’s the horse I rode. I named it Smokey cause, I did not know what his real name was. The coloring of Smokey is gorgeous!

img_3984Here’s us on the trail! Do you see the branch I’m holding? I had to hold it if Smokey started getting lazy 😀

img_3991img_3988Here is just some scenery. The pond is very pretty!

img_3989img_3986We also went through a creek! I was worried my phone was going to drop in though!

I hope you enjoyed Day 4! I didn’t do much on Day 5, and the day we left so this is the end! What was your favorite day of my trip? You all know mine is 4!

Until next time 😉  …………………………………………………………………………………….


Ps: I am allergic to horses, but I just took an allergy pill, cause it’s vacation!






13 things you don’t know about me….

Aloha, Guys! Kiki here! I was thinking my followers don’t know to much about what I like to watch, or what I like, and anything like that. So, I decided to make this post! Let’s begin!

1: I don’t have a “real” phone(It doesn’t call, or text). I’m not upset about that or anything, I’m just saying 🙂

2: My favorite TV shows are: Poldark, 90 day fiancé, Project Mc2, Sweet 15: Quinceanera, and Counting on(sometimes :p).

3: Food I don’t like: Beans(every kind), tomatoes, shredded meat, and multiple desserts.

4: My 5 favorite Gotys(That I don’t own) are: Marisol Luna, Mia St. Clair, Kanani Akina, McKenna Brooks, and Isabelle Palmer.

5: I LOVE Rain, and windy cold weather!

6: For Autumn fashion I like: Fringe ankle boots, Corduroy pants, Army green pants, soft long sleeve shirts, and jackets!

7: I’ve made 88 posts, 477 comments. I’ve had 7,082 views, 607 visitors, and 57 followers! Thank you!

8: I’m most like Mckeyla Mcalister in Project Mc2.

9: I recently got an awesome American Girl visual Guide book! I’ll make a post about that soon 😉

10: My favorite restaurants are: Chompie’s(but they don’t have one where I live), Raising Caine’s, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Texas roadhouse, and I think that’s it.

11: My favorite historical/Beforevers are: Kirsten Larson, Emily Bennet, Rebecca Rubin, Kaya, and Maryellen Larkin.

12: Hamstermaniac12 is my number 1 commenter(besides myself :p) totaling 163! My number 2 is Awesome123, and my number 3 is Madi! Thanks you, Guys!!

13: My favorite Poldark couple is………………………………………………………………..

img_4049Caroline & Dr. Enys!

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me better! Do we share the same likes? Have you ever see any of the shows I watch? Tell me in the comments! Until next time…………..





The Mysterious Ville of Tov-Chap 2

Hi, Guys! Kiki here! I want to say a BIG Thank you to Chance, and Doll Dimensions for being the first commenters on Chap 1! Also don’t forget to check out their blogs. I’m sure it would mean a lot to them!  If you need a refresher of Chapter 1 click here. Now, let’s get on to chapter 2!

It’s been hours since Dottie fell asleep in that dark compact closet, but Coco managed to stay awake. It was quite boring for cat to occupy herself when there was no yarn, or mice to play with. So, she would muse about how if she were a human she’d open the closet door, and explore. But than musing got boring so she stared into Dottie’s eyes patiently waiting. She sat there staring for so long that for a split second she was convinced she had passed away, but she heard breathing. Then a lighting bolt struck her. If she licked Dottie maybe that would make her wake up. Coco vigorously licked Dottie’s face over, and over. Finally, Dottie rolled over onto her side. Coco gracefully jumped off her stomach, onto Dottie’s arm, and accidentally pierced it. Dottie jumped up, and landed on her feet.

“Oww, Coco!”, Dottie scolded. “I thought you knew better than that”. Then Dottie scrutinized her arm looking for blood, or least a scratch. Coming to her senses Dottie thought about what she should do.

“Might as well find out where we are”, Dottie mumbled to herself. “Come on, Coco!”, Dottie commanded. She picked up Coco, and walked out of the closet.

Her house was a mess. Glass shatters everywhere, beds turned over, and the smell of garbage stained the inside of the house. Dottie put her hand on the front door knob.

“This is it, Coco”, Dottie stated looking down at her cat. She tightly squeezed her eyes, and opened the door.

“Coco, you look first”, She said cravenly.

Coco opened her big black eyes. She couldn’t believe it. Her eyes nearly popped out as she looked around. The sky was beaming, grass shined, and the leaves were in the process of changing. This place is more than safe she thought. She meowed to Dottie telling her everything was fine.

“Okay”, Dottie replied warily. “One, two, three!”, She quickly whipped her eyes open.

img_4037-2Where was she, Dottie thought. Somewhere way better than the farm!

“Coco, we must be in a dream!”, She squealed, and then kept on blinking, and pinching herself.

Coco meowed, and pointed her ear to the left. But Dottie was to busy blinking, and saying “Oww”, from the pinches. Coco reiterated, but in louder tone.

“Coco, it’s rude to interrupt”, Dottie turned around then scolded. Just before she turned back she saw figures in the distance.


“Coco, look!”, Dottie pointed to the left.

Seeing these figures was not a shock to the little cat. She was trying to tell her this the whole time, but Dottie will never know that.

“Do you they’re friendly?”, Dottie questioned.

Coco thought, You didn’t want to hear what I had to say last time, but now you do?  Instead Coco just shrugged her shoulders.

“I hope so”, Dottie whispered, and the charged off in that direction.

She was soon only a feet away from these very small girls, who Dottie called “Figures”. It looked like they just had a picnic.

“Hello!”, Dottie said with an amicable smile.

img_4039-2 “Uh, hi”, The girl with the floral hat said.

She looked about 15 but she is just extremely small, or maybe I’m just very big, Dottie thought. Noticing there was an awkward silence she decided to ask a question.    

“I was wondering where are we?”, Dottie questioned.

“This is The Ville of Tov”, A girl with a red jacket said. “Do you need me to call the owner of this land?”.

“Umm…yes please”, Dottie slowly answered.

Out of nowhere this woman with caramel hair, and a polka-dot sundress appeared.

“Did somebody call me?”, she asked.

“Why, yes!”, The girl with the red jacket said. “This girl is lost”.

Dottie thought, I just asked where I was! I never said I was lost, but the truth is I am.

“Oh, well where are you trying to go?”, The owner asked.

Dottie pondered on what to say for a while, “Hmm…..I don’t know”.

The owner was silent for a couple moments.

“I know where you can go”, The owner answered. “Sapphire Metropolis”.

What?!? That is the exact place her Dad would tell her stories about!, Dottie thought.

“Yes, that is the perfect place!”, Dottie squealed. “How do I get there?”.

The owner’s face turned blank like she remembered something bad.

“Well, before you go I have to give you these”, The owner said while handing her a pair of sparkly sneakers.

“Thank you, but what are these for”, Dottie tried to ask politely.

“There is a shape shifter on the loose”, She stated.

“What?”, Dottie said while putting on the sparkly shoes.

“There is this woman who can change into different figures, she steals thing that’ll give her power.”, She explained. “The shoes will protect you on your journey”.

“Okay”, Dottie said. “Is she after these shoes?”.

“Unfortunately, yes. She is”, She responded. “But she can’t take them off you unless you take them off for her”.

Then this blonde haired girl walked to the girls who just had a picnic.

“Who are you?”, the girl with the floral hat asked.

The blonde haired girl showed them her outfit. Then they instantly knew who she was.  I caught a glimpse of the outfit. It was a  floral dress with a  band around her waist that said “Lie”.


The owner seemed to know who she was too. “Lie” why would someone wear a dress like that, She thought.

“Now, go to the right, and turn left”, The owner instructed.

“Excuse me for interrupting, but I know a shortcut, The blonde haired girl said. “Walk straight then turn left”.

“Thank you!”, Dottie replied relieved that she could get there faster.

“No problem”, the blonde haired girl said.

“Bye everyone, and thank you!”, Dottie said humbly.

She started walking multiple feet away. She was nervous, but then remembered to have fortitude. She could hear everyone wishing her good luck behind her.

“This is it, Coco”, Dottie said trying to have courage. “This is it”.

I hope you enjoyed Chapter 2! Comment if you love this series so far, and can’t wait for chapter 3!













I’ve been keeping a secret…….

Hey, Guys! Kiki here! You all are probably wondering what my secret is! Well, I am here to tell you!

On Oct 21, I got………………..LEA!!


Yes, I know so exciting! My Aunt & Uncle got her, and her exclusive collection for me! I have renamed her Arabella. My brother also got something click here  to see it on his blog! We’re both so grateful! I was going to keep her a surprise, and then she showed up in TMVOT. But I couldn’t wait that long! So I hope you enjoyed this(short) post! If you have any questions about her I’ll happily answer it in the comments! Pictures of her, and her page are coming SOON! Until next time………

img_3900P.S: TMVOT should be out very soon.