The Sunshine Blogger Award



Hey Guys! Kiki here! I got nominated by Abby from Breakfast with the Dolls  So, let’s get started!

                    THE RULES!

1. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.
2. Nominate 11 blogs.
3. Ask them 11 questions

                MY ANSWERS!

1.Do you like any of these bands: Fall Out Boy , Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, Black Veil Brides?   

I’ve never heard of any of these bands 🙂

2.Answer it if you know it: I like your shoelaces.

I guess I’m not answering this cause I don’t know it!

3. You’re in the Hunger Games who do you pick as an ally? (It has to be another blogger).

I’ve never watched the Hunger Games, FYI. Umm…I guess any of my blogger buddies.

4. Who is your bestie blogger buddy?

Rae, Skye, Abby, Madi, and Doll Dimensions.

5.  Truth or Dare? (Comment below your answer I’ll give you a dare) Also you have to put it in your Nomination post.

I don’t care.

6. What do you want for Christmas?

I actually do not do Christmas. I do Hanukkah. And I want: A bike, to go clothes shopping, a Doll, and some other stuff.

7. What are you thinking about?

Answering this question 😉

9.  If you met me in real life, what do think I would be like?

I’m not for sure. Maybe bubbly, funny, loud? Or she could be the opposite like shy, and quiet.

10. What’s your favorite movie? 

That’s hard! I like AG movies, Starwars movies, Wizard of Oz and so much more!

11. If you could only use 1 word to describe yourself what would it be?

Creative and Bohemian .

Bonus Question (I’m 99% sure this isn’t allowed): What do want us to know?

That I just redid my bedroom, it’s super cold where I live right now(It’s in the 60’s. To other people who live in a colder climate that’s probably warm), my favorite fall drink is apple cider, and that’s really it 🙂

                  THE NOMINEES!

Rae from 3 Girls & Randomness.

Kait from Kait’s Ag Crafts.

Chance from Lego Lane

Madi from Delightful World of Dolls


Allie Taylor from The Depth Of My Faith

Julia from Julia’s Journal.

Olivia from  Life as Liv

Kayla from In Dollywood

I’m sorry I don’t know anybody else!

               THE QUESTIONS!

  1. What are you’re 3 favorite Girl names?
  2. What are you allergic to?
  3. What kind of shoes do you like to wear?
  4. What is your eye color?
  5. What is your style? (like with clothing and stuff).
  6. Who is your best blogging buddy?( I stole that from Abby who stole it from Lu).
  7. What is your favorite subject?
  8. What do you want Goty 2017 to look like? If you aren’t a AG lover then What is your favorite animal?
  9. What is your favorite sport.
  10. Describe yourself in a paragraph.

Thanks again ABBY! I might of said that a little to loud XD




64 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. WHAT, WHAT??!!!! IZZY SHE HASN’T HEARD OF FALLOUT BOY OR P!ATD!!!! WE NEED TO TEACH HER OUR WAYS!!!Don’t worry about the shoe laces one, it’s a tumblr/fandom thing. I’m mostly loud (unintentionally) and sarcastic. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. AH NO FOB OR P!ATD??? dudeeee you’re missing so much not listening to them. honestly you need to listen to them, so here are some song suggestions:
        fob- sugar we’re going down and thnks fr th mmrs
        p!atd- miss jackson and there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t figured it out yet
        lol sorry i love them so.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Also you need to listen to The Phoenix, Thnx fr the mmrs is SO GOOD. I’m also adding This is gospel, Bohemian Rhapsody.
    ‘m gonna make you bend and break (It sent you to me without wait)
    Say a prayer, but let the good times roll
    In case God doesn’t show (Let the good times roll, let the good times roll)
    And I want these words to make things right
    But it’s the wrongs that make the words come to life
    Who does he think he is?
    If that’s the worst you got, better put your fingers back to the key
    One night and one more time
    Thanks for the memories even though they weren’t so great
    He tastes like you, only sweeter
    One night, yeah, and one more time
    Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories
    See, he tastes like you, only sweeter, oh.

    Great now it’s stuck in my head.

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  3. THANKS SO MUCH for the nomination!! 😀 It’s too bad I hired MasterJPixel and he doesn’t post but… idk. Anyway! I’ll see if I can post this on my blog BUT I may not know 11… 😐 IDK. But I don’t think I can nominate you, can I? 🙂 I still DK so… I’ll see if i get around to this!! THANKX AGAIN! XD

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  4. Hi! I just discovered your blog (I saw some kind of link on my friends blog)! Even though I’m not really into AG dolls anymore, I think you are cool, so I will follow you! But, anyway, I’d love to live in a place where 60 degrees is cold. For me 60 degrees is warm, It’s not cold until it’s below freezing for me. People run around in just long sleeves in 40 degree weather where I am, Anyway, hi.

    Liked by 1 person

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