Blogger Recognition Award!

Konnichiwa, Again! Anyway, I got nominated for Blogger Recognition Award(5 times!) Thank you, Abby, Liv, JoT, Faith, Julia! So, Lets get started!


Thank the nominator! And give a link to their blog or blogs

  • Write a post about this award
  • Give a short bit about how/why your started your website
  • Give some advice for bloggers.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers(Who makes up these rules? 15 is WAY to much!)
  • Tell those 15 bloggers via comment! 


Well, when I just turned eleven my Mom told me about this blog, and I thought “Oh that’s cool but what would mine be about?” Then I remembered that making a blog was something I had to do for school in fifth grade(I was in sixth at the time) so I went back to fifth and found where I was supposed to make one. I made an account(with my parents Gmail) and named my blog *Cringes* Minty plaid. I didn’t know how to make a post, customize, and stuff so I gave up.

Five or Six months later I randomly looked up “American Girl blogs”. I found Happy House of AG. I didn’t read any of her posts just the “Meet the Dolls” page. At that time I didn’t think about blogging.

One year and One/Two months later I looked up “American Girl Blogs” again. I found Happy house of AG(again) and Little house of American Girl. I would read some of their posts and pages. I really liked Loren’s photo stories especially Victorian beauties.

A couple Days after that I was at Italian restaurant and I told my Mom that I’m thinking of starting an AG blog. She thought it was a good idea but she just couldn’t help me because she doesn’t known anything about blogging. I set up my blog AG by the Cape( later renamed Kiki’s Doll Hut later renamed Kiki Through the Looking-Glass (This is my last name change :D) and deleted Minty plaid for good ;). The End!


1: Don’t let getting internet famous be your goal. I know a girl and that all she talks about is followers and wanting to get popular! It sucks the fun out of blogging when you do that. Don’t get me wrong followers are great just don’t let that be your focus:)

2: Don’t advertise your blog. It’s nice if someone ask “Hey, what’s your blog called?” But some people just go overboard.

3: Work hard. Blogging to me is very serious and important. I think about when I get up and when I fall asleep about how to make it better.

4:Grammar. Blogger think that abbreviations are “trendy” but Newsflash people they make you look sloppy and uneducated. Now sometimes I’ll do abbreviations in comments but it’s rare just try not to do it in your posts.

5:Comment on those smaller blogs. Most bloggers comment on popular blogs. I’m like why? They won’t get back to you they are to busy. The smaller ones are usually much nicer and you could make a friend. Not saying that all popular blogs are like this.







Doll Dimensions





Amelia Grace 

Small Dolls in a Big World


The Elven Realm of Writing


That’s a Wrap!






25 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award!

  1. Great tips! I like the one about not advertising your blog. Buttons and comments with a link included in your name/after your name are fine, but when I get comments asking me to follow, it’s hard to know what to do. I think I typically don’t reply to those comments. :-/ 🙂
    Thanks for nominating me for this tag/award!! I’m looking forward to doing this! (Oh dear, how am I going to think up 15 names!)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hello Kiki,

    You won’t believe this but I was nominated by our friend Abby for this very same award! I spent the last 48hrs typing up my acceptance post and I went and nominated you as one of my selections! I didn’t realise you were already so busy being nominated by others. Anyway not to worry you don’t have to type out a reply for me but I will leave the link to my acceptance post if you want to check it out! Congratulations on all of your nominations!

    Kind regards,

    For Tyeth

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You’ve been nominated for the Blogger Award! Check it out on my website: ! 😀 😉


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