My Thoughts on Tenney & Logan!

Suilad! Today, I’m doing my thoughts on Tenney & Logan’s collection-Since I haven’t done it yet!

Before I start, I wanted I wanted to let you know that Tenney & Logan have grown on me.  The credit goes to my brother!  Now, let’s get started!

Image result for Tenney Grant

Tenney or Tenneyson is priced at $115 dollars, (unless you buy her accessories which are shown in the picture above), that’s five dollars less than Grace Thomas and Lea Clark. So far we’re off to a good start! πŸ˜€ She has long, soft, honey-blonde curls that are neatly styled in a ponytail with one short curl on the right side of her face. She is baring the classic mold with a few tweaks: Her eyes are a light brown with a red tint, she has thin feathered eyebrows, her lips a darker pinkish/reddish, and a more ‘oval’ looking freckles.

She comes with a coral graphic top that says “Sing your story” on a dark pink bird with music notes around it. The skirt is pleated and the material is faux-leather with a paisley design. Her shoes are a two-tone, cut-out, ankle boot.

If you choose to buy her accessories they are the teal guitar with a pick and her song-writing notebook. Also, her earrings are the same as Gaby’s.

Now that I gave you A LOT of detail about her, I’ll tell you my personal thoughts on her.  πŸ˜‰

I REALLY WANT HER!!!!!😍 Her hair is beautiful!  I πŸ’™ that the classic-mold has been tweaked!  Her clothing style!!  Her arms are cool!  However I don’t like that this “new” vinyl is squishy like she’s been in the hot Arizona sun for hours. Eventually she’ll get sewn on underwear not looking forward to that either. All and all I REALLY like her! I also like the outfit she comes in πŸ˜‰ She’s just so cute!😍

Image result for Tenney Grant picnic set

Tennney’s  pajamas are a light pink gingham with white lace. Her slippers are teal moccasins with light pink laces. She also comes with a matching teal headband.

I personally LOVE her pajamas! 😍She looks so cute in them! To the colors, the style, and the slippers! I liked lea’s but these are waaay better Did I mention that the moccasins are adorable? I hope to get this outfit soon! The price is $24 dollars.

Image result for Tenney Grant

Tenney’s picnic outfit is a light blue chambray top with a lace detailed pocket. Her crocheted lace shorts are white with an attached braided belt. The shoes are light brown oxfords with red velvet laces. The hat and necklace are sold separately.

FINALLY! A Bohemian outfit! If you didn’t know really like that style so when I saw this outfit leaked I got excited(actually I still am XD)!I also really like oxfords and floppy hats(even though I’ve never worn either) so this outfit is like perfect!😍 I hope to get this outfit soon as well! Before I forget this outfit is $28 dollars.

Image result for Tenney Grant outfits

Tenney’s spotlight outfit is a white lace top with see-through sleeves. Her tulle skirt is pink with gray sparkles. Her cowgirls boots are grayish/brownish and they almost hit her knees. I forgot to mention that they are also covered in gray sparkles! The headband has three large stars on top and -yes, you guessed it- they are covered in sparkles! πŸ˜‰

I also LOVE this outfit!😍 It reminds me of Grace’s sight-seeing outfit..but a bit better! The skirt is my favorite part. The tulle, sparkles, and color are just adorable! The price is a little high though at $36 bucks.

Image result for Tenney Grant banjo

(Sorry, it’s so small)

Tenney’s banjo has a coral rose graphic and stings to strum. There’s also a button that plays 3 original songs(so does her guitar). You can also plug it into her amplifier(you can do the same with her guitar also).

I thinks it’s cute but I like her guitar better.


Image result for Tenney Grant picnic set

(Sorry, I couldn’t “just” find a picture of her Picnic set)

Tenney’s picnic set has a gingham and floral reversible picnic blanket. A watermelon, fried chicken, potato salad, and of course, sweet tea from her Mom’s food truck. This set feeds one doll and it also comes with a napkin(I guess she doesn’t like to use the grass XD) and a fork.

I actually really like this set! It’s cute and you can buy it with her picnic outfit together! I think the price is pretty good as well:) It’s $28 dollars! My only complaint is that it only feeds one.

Image result for Tenney Grant's stage

(Sorry, again that’s so small :()

Tenney’s stage & dressing room has A LOT of detail so I’m just going to give a link to it on AGs site  and just tell you what I like don’t like about it πŸ˜‰

I LOVE this set! It’s reversible and has TONS of detail! I think it would be great for playtime, photo-shoots, and photo-stories! I’m going to try to save up for it! I’ve never bought a any sets like this so I hope to get it!



Image result for Logan Everett american girl

Logan Evertt-AGs first ever boy doll- is $115 bucks(same as Tenney) but he doesn’t come with a book. That makes no sense but AG is probably thinking “Since he’s the first boy doll people will pay”. He has light-brown hair that can be styled. Thick eyebrows that are thinly feathered and gray eyes. He is also barely the Kaya mold; with some tweaks πŸ˜‰

He has a teal short-sleeved graphic tee that says ‘Play loud’ on the top and bottom of a drum set. His pants are charcoal gray that cuff at the bottom. The shoes are your typical converse but they are light gray with blue laces.

If you remember in some past posts I wasn’t “for” Logan but I’ve grown-Thanks to my brother Chance- to like him. It’s nice that AG made him so brothers can play too! I think he looks nice-better than any custom I’ve seenπŸ˜‰ His meet outfit, hair, face are fine.

Image result for Logan Everett drums

(I couldn’t find a picture of just his drumsπŸ˜•)

Logan’s rhythmic drums are blue and $68 dollars. The bass drum has colorful star on it and working pedal. The there’s a snare drum, cymbal, stool, and drumsticks Logan can hold.

I think this set is ok. It’s not really my jamπŸ˜‹ It seems like it’s directed more for boys. That being said my brother-Chance- does like it.
Related image

Tenney’s dog is a golden retriever named Waylon-What kind of name is that? Anyway, he has soft golden fur and a teal collar and leash with pink floral accents.

I’m not a big fan of Golden retriever or big dogs -at all for that matter. I prefer small, cute, hypoallergenic dogs. Like little  Lily! Getting off subject here! All and all I won’t be buying him! He’s also pricy at $24 dollars.
I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts! leave a comment down below telling me what you think of Tenney & Logan!






61 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Tenney & Logan!

      1. Because it’s so cute!!!! Ahem sorry girly side came out. No I have to lose sixty pounds before I buy one which means I’m on a diet now. It’s terrible. Never get fat. XD

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  1. 1st comment! (I think)

    Anyway, I like Tenney too. I love her eye color. It’s the first doll I’ve seen with an eye color kind of like mine. But my eyes are hard to match XD. I don’t think I should get her because my only curly haired doll (Saige) Has really bad hair. I mean, I did get her when I was nine so….. Anyway, I think my brother would like Logan, mostly because he looks like him. XD

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  2. Nice post! I’m not really excited about Logan. They’re going to make the skin squishy like it’s been nice a mailbox in Arizona for hours…? Oh my….

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  3. Have you ever heard of Chloe’s american girl doll Chanel?Its on YouTube she’s already opened Logan and Tenney My sister doesn’t like Logan neither does my dad but I think he’s cute tell Chance Maylene says hello ☺

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A widow my mom helps was going to order Tenney but she thought her name was Penney she doesn’t have good hearing but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I didn’t tell her her name wasn’t Penny Logan only has one outfit so he has to always stays in one outfitπŸ˜€

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