Z. and her collection!

Greetings, Guys! It’s Kiki! Well, Z’s collection and her self has leaked so I had to make a post about it! Let’s get started!

She looks pretty cute but AG’s stock images of dolls almost always look less cute then they really are. I love her birthmark and eyes!

Not bad but I won’t be getting it. It’s going to be priced at 120 dollars.

This is nice. I love the camera on it so she can film! I won’t be getting it though 🙂

 Here’s Popcorn. You can tell I’m not impressed 😀

Z’s accessories! I really like them!

Love this!

This is a cute outfit but I don’t like how her hair is styled 😀

This hair style is better! I really love this outfit!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment down below if you like Z’s collection!

‘Till next time,



Source: American Girl doll news.

Ps: Z. will come out next week!


52 thoughts on “Z. and her collection!

  1. Um, AG? Popcorn is basically the TM dalmatian only it comes with something different. And the desk set? That’s really overpriced. I like Z’s collection though, it’s cute!

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  2. I. L O V E. THIS. GIRLS. OUTFITS. And her stuff and everything! Except for her name.Z really? What’s next A or F? Also did you redo your blog thingy… The background? It’s so pretty!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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