Meet Kiki!

Mae g’ovannen, mellon nín! I’m a geeky and nerdy teen who is also a- Elf of Mirkwood, Jedi master, Pirate King, Ravenclaw, overthinker, photographer, tomboy, trend-setter, dreamer, wanderer,  and an unusually tall girl with tousled shoulder length hair named Kiki! I’m also the designer and writer of this cozy blog. Welcome!

I’m 81 percent Introvert and 19 percent Extrovert, I’m stricken with wanderlust, and I’m a night-owl.

I’m an INTP and my favorite ingredients for it are: White Quartz and Old world maps

I’m going to start writing a book! I’m so excited because I’ve finally gotten a good plot idea!

I love: the POTC theme music, stormy days, rain drops, wearing army green and jackets, Autumn and the clothing, stretchy clothing, the feeling of your fingers when your arm begins to fall asleep, the smell of skunks and gasoline, the feeling of pointy things, really cold days that make you snuggle up in a blanket and drink tea while watching a movie, reading and watching fantasy, and Skyping.

When I blog I sound happy, energetic, outgoing, etc. But in real life I’m usually the opposite. It’s because I have aspergers. 

My passions and interests include: Dolls, art, photography, making videos, graphic design, American girl, Starwars, Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, fashion, doing hairstyles, project mc2, reading, Legos, hair, blogging, anklets, making jewelry, swimming, names, The chronicles of Narnia, fashion, and writing.

My hobbies include: thinking, watching  movies, watching YouTube, watching TV, reading blogs, Skyping, playing Legos and AG, reading, drawing, doing doll hair, playing with my dog, blogging, graphic design, making videos, photography, writing, researching, and enjoying nature(but not for to long or I’ll get sick).

I’m currently reading: The fellowship of the ring and Harry Potter.

I really want to travell to Israel (That’s my home), New Zealand (If you can’t tell I’m a huge LOTR and Hobbit fan), Europe (Cause I’ve been there before but I was to young to remember), and Japan (It’s beautiful).

My other blogs include: 3 Girlsand RandomnessThe Thoughts of a Girl with Aspie, 

Some facts about me include: My thick hair is brown and has natural light blonde/silver and red highlights. My eyes are constantly changing colors. Sometimes, they’re gray other times they’re green and everything in between and- yes- they open and close😉 I’m allergic to pretty much everything outside and animals so I’m a quite the hermit, I don’t do well with heat, like at all, I’m learning Spanish, Hebrew, and I some Elvish as well. My mood that day/year/month dictates my favorite colors and foods. I have a ton a pet peeves. Like: People that never knew that hypoallergenic dogs are a thing and that have no table manners, people trying to fit in, copying, excessive blinking, bragging, self-centerd and rude people, and outspoken little kids who think they rule the world 😄 Now here’s stuff I just don’t like: dresses, skirts, high heels, flats, curry powder, back pain, not being able to breathe through my nose, tight clothing, peanut butter, rude bloggers, headaches, allergies, and being misunderstood(which seems to happen to me a lot in my life🙃), I’ve been to Europe and have moved around a lot in my lifetime, My height is 5’10, I have to drink caffeine or take a melatonin at night because I have a hard time falling asleep, and I’ve been collecting dolls since I was six! That’s almost eight years ago!

My Pets include: One affenpinscher dachshund mix pup named Lily. She’s my precious 😄

Goodbye, mellonanins!



58 thoughts on “Meet Kiki!

  1. I can understand your dislikes XD
    There are seriously people who don’t know hypoallergenic dogs are a thing? o.O (if anyone else is reading this I hope it doesn’t come across as offensive) AND YES I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND IT WHEN I CAN’T BREATHE OUT OF MY NOSE! I’m still sick so I’m having trouble breathing out of it 😡
    I don’t really care for peanut butter either XD
    and little kids……. (especially ones that think the world revolves around them) are evil. (just kidding…. maybe….. >:D )

    Liked by 2 people

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