DSC_0362Full name: Arabella Camila Laguna Davis
Nicknames: Ara.
Age: 14
B-Day: Oct 29.
Fav animals: Sloths, and parrots.
Fav colors: Yellow, green, vibrant pink, teal, and orange.
Fav food: Chicken tacos and Brazilian chocolate.
Sport: Gymnastics and Krav maga.
Personality: Shy, sensitive, sweet, gentle, friendly, mature (unlike her other sisters), girlie, thoughtful, the only “normal” one in the family, and courageous.
Hobbies: Looking at fashion/makeup magazines, practicing gymnastics skills, sitting alone outside reading, doing my hair, and shopping with my sisters!                                        Fav Lotr/Hobbit character: Radagast the brown.
Fav Starwars character: Princess Leia and the cute little ewoks!
Cool fact: I used to live in Brazil. My Mom was American and my Dad was half Brazilian half Puerto Rican. I can speak Portuguese.
I got Ara from my Aunt & Uncle on Oct 21 2016.


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