Blogs I Enjoy

My Hobbit Hole-

Small Dolls in a Big World-

Brunch with the Dolls-

Kaits AG Crafts-

Happy House of Ag-

Let’s be Lost-


Little House of American Girl-
Delightful World of Dolls-

Love My Dollies-

Clara’s Craft Corner-

Flipping Along-

Julia’s Journal-

Cookie crumbles and Moon dust-


Doll Dimensions-

Lego Lane(My Brother’s blog)-

Breakfast with the Dolls-

Smile and Craft AG-

Thoughts of a Girl with Aspie(My life blog)-

3 Girls and Randomness(A collab blog I do with my friends)-


80 thoughts on “Blogs I Enjoy

  1. Here are my top five favorite blogs.
    1: Kiki’s Through the Looking-Glass (of course)
    2: Happy House of AG
    3: Little House of American Girl
    4: Julia’s Journey
    5: Delightful World of Dolls

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      1. Alright thanks XD. I just hate asking people that sort of thing. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people ask to be put up on those type of things. :/ Know what I mean?

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      2. Ok so why when my mom and I click on my name does it bring me to breakfast and for you it brings you to brunch? I tried to different laptops both logged out of wordpress and in and it still…. Sorry I’m just trying to figure this out.

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      1. Well, about a year (or so) I you found my doll blog (dollventuresblog) and that was how I new about you. But I re-found you through Allison’s blog (AFarmGirlsLife).

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