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Full name: Carolina Keira-Grace Linnae Davis
Age:14  B-day: Jun 23
Nickname: Caro and Carley.
Fav animal: Dragons, hedgehogs, owls and rabbits.
Fav colors: Gold, silver, midnight blue, wine, and cream.
Fav food: Pastrami sandwiches and monkey bread.
Sport: Archery and Krav maga!
Cool fact: I’m obsessed with Elves!
Fav Lotr/Hobbit characters: Tauriel and Legolas.
Personality: Super loud, practical, spunky, logical, bossy, obsessive about, well, whatever her fandom is that day, creative, can be violent, a fantasy fanatic, imaginative, spoiled, outgoing, not afraid to speak my mind, and independent.
Hobbies: Shopping with my sisters, doing photo shoots, traveling, looking up fandom facts, learning elvish, threatening my sisters, causing drama, picking on Levi, and practicing Krav Maga on Levi and my sisters.
Another cool fact: I’m a celeb(along with my sisters) and my parents own the AG stores. I also can speak Spanish and Elvish! I’m not a girlie girl, but not a tomboy.
Fav Star wars character: Rey and Kylo! And yeah, I ship it 😀
Fav Twilight character: Bella, of course!!! I’m also Team Edward….Chrissa and I fight about that a lot!
I got Carley from my grandpa on Jan 13 2015. Carolina is pronounced like this: Caro-Leen-ah.


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