Full name: Carolina Poppy-Grace Linnae Davis    Age:13

B-day: Jun 23

Nickname: Carley and Caro.

Fav animal: White tigers, and Hedgehogs.

Fav colors: Gold and light purple

Fav food: Pastrami sandwiches and monkey bread

Sport: Cheerleading, and Krav maga!

Personality: Quiet, practical, spunky, creative, imaginative, independent, and definitely an animal lover!

Hobbies: Shopping with my BFF Molly,and doing photo shoots.

Cool fact: I’m a celeb(along with my sisters),and my parents own the AG stores. I also can speak Spanish! I’m not a girlie girl, but not a tomboy.

Fav Star wars character: Rey.

I got Luna from my grandpa on Jan 13 2015. Carolina is pronounced like this: Caro-Leen-ah.


11 thoughts on “Carolina

    1. Hi Carley!!! – Molly


      “Uh oh,”

      “Didn’t I give you your own tablet?”

      “Hehe…”πŸ˜€ Sorry Carley I got to go- Molly

      “Uh how do you get a gravatar account?”

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