Elven Tieback and Info on My School Life

Hello, mellons! It’s Kiki! Long time no see, eh? I get so much homework that “free time” is a foreign concept. This school is college prep so that’s why I have so much work and why it’s set up like one. I have a plaza and at least an hour (sometimes more) a day of “free time” which is the time you get any homework done. Adjusting is the hardest part. I have to get up early and figure out my classes and what they want me to answer for my assignments. Also the kids, they are just trashy here. Saying at least two curse words in  every sentence, talking about inappropriate things, and the boys in my grade especially, make fun of literally everyone (even me). My teachers are pretty nice though, especially my English teacher, Mr. C.

I had a algebra presentation yesterday and I got 95! I was super nervous and it was just me not with a group or anything. I would’ve got 100 if I had more eye contact but 95 is still pretty good. I also have a Spanish presentation Monday. I made a power-point about Antoni Gaudi.

Anyway, I squeezed in hairstyle tutorial pics to my schedule so without further ado!


Here are the supplies you’re going to need: wire-wigged brush, baby elastics, spray bottle, and a device so you can read this tutorial post 😀

img_9790Mist hair and brush.

img_9791Take out a little section of hair in the front on both sides (and these sections will stay out the entire time.)

img_9792Now, take on the top and start an intricate French braid.


Stop adding hair on the bottom a little past the ear. The correct terminology is a ‘lace braid’.

img_9793Stop adding hair on the top when you hit the middle of the head and just continue a regular three strand braid and then secure with an elastic.

img_9795Repeat on the other side.

img_9796Take a little section and split it into two pieces and then twist.

img_9797It should look like this and then repeat on the other side.

img_9798Clip the two twisted sections onto the top of the head and unravel the braids, but not all the way.

img_9799Take the two unraveled braids and start a fishtail.

img_9800Once you a fishtailed a little, include the twisted sections.

img_9801Finish off the fishtail till you run out of hair and secure with an elastic. Now, here’s a little photo-shoot so you can see her face and to give more of an “elven” feel.

img_9868img_9872img_9869img_9873img_9871img_9870Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Comment down below if you’re going to try this and if you think it’s beautiful! Also, tell me how you’re school year is going so far?

Novaer mellonanins,

Ps: How do you like my new blog theme and design? And what’s your favorite hairstyle I’ve done so far?


The Mysterious Ville of Tov-Chap 3


Suilad! It’s Kiki! I have a surprise for you guys….Chapter 3 of TMVOT! I want to say thank you for the nice comments on my last post about the writing! They really gave me relief and inspiration to write this🙂 And I highly recommend that you read Chap 1 and Chap 2 cause it’s been like 9 months! So, without further ado! *dims lights* *draws the curtains*

A girl emerged from the field but the blades of grass were so towering her face only showed. It was pale and fair but had a cold tone of glower. Her stern eyes were sparkling like diamonds when the sun hit and were the color of rain drops. The dark hair on her head, fell past her finger tips and looked as soft as silk. The golden highlights in her hair shimmered in every angle you looked. Her ears were more pointy then some, but were still pretty and natural looking. There’s definitely no denying it- she’s an Elf.


While she’d walk through the thick grass of the field, she’d mutter words to herself that you could tell were full of anger, even if you didn’t know the language. But if you did, you’d know that whoever she left and wherever she left did not end on a particularly good note. Running away is exactly what she’s doing. Which is a peculiar trait for her kind. You can only imagine why she would do such an act. Maybe, she doesn’t agree with her parents’ rules or she just needs a break from her life. Maybe, there is something way deeper we may never know about.

But I warn you, don’t ask her why! Before, the question fell out of your mouth into the open air she’d respond by putting a dagger in your heart and an arrow through your head. That’s what she’s been trained to do, if you aren’t her kin. Unless, her father gave orders for different. She’s especially skilled with bows and daggers. Therefore, she was bearing them.


Suddenly, she felt the earth give a little shake and heard some very distance voices. She carefully looked up and saw a girl and cat walking on a straight path.

“Coco, do we turn left now?”, Dottie asked her gray cat. “Or do we keep going straight?”

The cat simply answered by shrugging her small shoulders.

“Oh, what do I do!”, Dottie cried dismayed.

The Elf quickly knelt down and drew her bow. Then she aimed right at the target…Dottie.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Leave a comment down below how you feel about this new mysterious character and if you can’t wait for Chapter 4!




Kamille’s one wish-Photo shoot & Giveaway!!!

Guten tag! It’s Kiki! As you can read in the title, I’m finally doing it! The much awaited giveaway! I’m so excited I’ve been planning this since February but enough of that, let’s begin already!


Why doesn’t she love me?

Why does she abandon me?

Always and forever.

Always and forever.

I’ve always been there for her.

Though still she does not love me.

Always and forever.

Always and forever.

Wil you love me?

*Wipes tear off eye* *blows nose* This really struck a nerve with me since I’m the one she’s talking about. Who else feels bead for poor Kamille right now? *raises hand* But you can change that! How you may ask? Because…………..I’m……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. GIVING AWAY KAMILE FOR MY ONE YEAR BLOGSVERSARY!

Yes, you read that right! Everything Kamille just said/sang is true so I thought she’d make a perfect giveaway! Also I can’t believe it’s almost been a year already! Are you excited yet? Yes? Then on we go!

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this post saying you’d like to enter and what’s your favorite part about my blog(I’m just curious)😄

Post this giveaway on your blog.

You must get your parents’ permission before you enter. You’ll need to send me your mailing address via email.

This giveaway is only open to the U.S.A bloggers.

Make sure you tell me what entries you’ve done so I can put you in.

Enter before Monday, May 15th. I’ll be posting the winner right on my blogsversary! May 16!

For extra entries:

Follow this blog both ways(Through WordPress and Email).

Follow Thoughts of a Girl with Aspie, Lego lane, and 3 Girls and Randomness.

Tell other bloggers about this Giveaway by sending them the link.

Comment on my pages.

Post this also on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Have fun!

Ps: Don’t worry Followers/Bloggers that aren’t into dolls cause I have a giveaway just for you! I’ll post it around May 2 to May 4! Stay tuned!

I’m finally answering your Questions!

Greetings! It’s Kiki! Yes, I’m finally answering your questions for my Q&A! Sorry, it took so long, I’ve been busy and I’m participating in a AGPS contest. But I’ve found some time so let’s get started!

Chance’s Questions:

What next doll (Not AG) would you like to get?

Any project Mc2 doll and do PoP!s count? If so maybe a PoP.

What AG accessories would you like next?

The Truly me Fun Fedora, Healthy smile set, Waffle breakfast set, Feel-better kit, shearling boots, blue sandals, Tenney’s Hat and Necklace, Tenney’s picnic set, Tenney’s accessories, and Gabriela’s performance case. 

And what AG furniture would you like next?

Tenney’s stage, Maryellen’s television console, comfy couch, and the gourmet kitchen.

 Rae’s Question:

Hmmm…. What’s your favorite TV show?

Poldark, Victoria, Duck Dynasty, Jep and Jessica, Project Mc2, Bringing up bates, Counting on, 7 little Johnsons, When calls the heart, and I think that’s it.

Doll dimensions Question:

If you could lead a team of individuals to save the world (like the Avengers), who would be on it?

I don’t really know who the ‘Avengers’ are so therefore I do not know 😄

Rainbow Girl’s  Question:

If you could have one superly awesome gift for your birthday, what would it be?

I really don’t know! There are so many options but maybe being able to go to a different country or having my own tiny house that’s designed by me. 

Gracie’s Questions:

– Any thoughts on what you want to be/do when you are older?

Hmm…..Maybe a Photographer, Fashion designer, or something with computers.  
– If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be?

Well, I’ve dyed my hair Ombre blue before. Click HERE to see it. But I do want to do my hair again the color: Purple or pink ombre.
– Dream pet?

I don’t know! But whatever I picked I’d probably be allergic to it 😕

Maylene’s Question:

Do your american girl dolls hair get frizzy/knotty? If they do how do you treat it?

You can wash your Dolls’ hair with Shampoo and conditioner. Then brush her hair with a wire bristle brush. That works 🙂


Lizard’s  Questions:

What’s your favorite AG doll, that you don’t have?

Tenney, Kanani, Nanea, and  Z.

Day or night?

Both! But you can do more in the day.

What’s your favorite book?

The Teashop Girls, Where the Mountain meets the Moon, Saffy’s Angel, Alice Through the Looking-Glass, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Fellowship of the Ring(so far. I’m done with it yet), and I think that’s it.

Do you like to paint your nails?

Sometimes but I’m really bad it😜

2020 dolls Question:

If you were to make a Disney movie what would it be about?

I’d probably just make prequels/sequels to some movies or help direct the Star Wars movies.

Abby’s Questions:

What is your favorite song?

I can’t pick just one.

If you were in the apocalypse which fictional character would you team up with?

Tauriel and Legolas or Rey and Jyn.

Name your favorite bands/singers?

I don’t know their names.

What is your favorite movie?

Hobbit desolation of Smaug, The battle of the Five Armies, Rouge One, and The force Awakens😉

Pick a YouTuber Markiplier, JackSepticeye, Pewdiepie, Superwoman, Other.

I don’t really know who any of these people are so none.

If you got to meet one, ONE only one follower/blogger who would it be?


What’s your religion, culture?

My religion is simple. We just believe in that Yahweh(God) is the same yesterday today and forever which means that we still keep the law 🙃

What’s my favorite band/singer?

Gerard, Twenty-one pilots, MCR, P!ATD or something like that 😀

Three doors each one decides your future which do you pick(1,2,3)?

You’d have to give me 5-10 minutes to pray about it😊

Who is your role model, and why?

I don’t really have one.

Name as many bloggers/followers as you can without checking by memory.

Chloe, Jaclynn, Emma, Grace, Sara, Clara, Chance, Rae, Skye, Doll dimensions, Lizard, Heshouldvebeenthere, Samantha, Mya, Marion, Marilyn, 2020 dolls, Abby(you), Kayla, Cupcakegirl10, Janie, Jen, Izzy popcorn, Loren, Maylene, Madi, Amelia Grace, and That’s all I can remember currently.

What’s your favorite recipe?

I have no idea. I don’t cook/bake a lot.

What are some problems tall people face?

Clothes being to short, being the tallest in a group of kids your age, and not feeling confident. 

Who is your best friend?

I really don’t have one in real life but I do have some through Skype and email(like you 🙂) 

Favorite sports team?

I don’t have one but if you’re talking about NFL then the Baltimore Ravens.  

What’s your school mascot (Homeschoolers make one up)?

My little dog, Lily.

What is the best advice you’ve EVER received?

Worrying means your problems are to big for Yahweh(God).

Any advice for aspiring authors/bloggers?

Don’t compare yourselves to popular. Yes, they have paid for blogs, and great pictures but if there not nice and only care about followers that all means nothing.

Have you ever babysat anyone?

Yes, but have never gotten paid for it. Which I disagree with 😀

If you could travel anywhere for free where?

Asia, Europe, Israel, Canada, and up in the East coast area.

Favorite doll you own, and why?

ooh…..That’s super tough. I can’t pick one so I’ll pick 5 😀

Meritt- because she is so adorable, photogenic, and I got her on my 13th birthday!

Carolina- because I got her from my Grandfather after my Grandma died, she looks just like me, and she’s photogenic.

Chrissa- because she’s has such a cute personality since she’s the youngest, she’s also super cute, and she was my first ever AG doll! I’ve had her for 7 years.

Saige- because she’s the last doll my Grandma got me, before I got her we were moving near New Mexico so it was cool to see her habitat XD, and because she’s cute.  

Happiest moment in your life?

I don’t think I could pick just one.

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done?

I’ve done tons of embarrassing things but something that happens to me most often is saying stuff wrong on accident then my parents copy it and laugh 😛

What is your worst fear?

It depends but when I was eight I was deathly afraid of tapeworms.

If you were to interview God what would you ask him?

I think I would be to nervous to say anything.

Favorite post you’ve ever written?

The perfect Goty (Well, to me anyway), Rouge One my thoughts *Spoiler Free*,                Day 4- Pictures of my Trip, When I arrived- Pictures of my Trip ,                                               The Mysterious Ville of Tov- Chap 1, AG pies- Doll food craft, Surprises, Surprises, Surprises, Oh My!, Happy Birthday Carley!, The Advanced Mermaid Hair, What’s Missing?, and I think that’s it XD.

Would you rather own a private library or have unlimited wi-fi and own a laptop?

Private Library cause I could live there and it would have a laptop with un limited Wi-Fi 😃

Imagine we (The bloggers/ all of your follower) were all at a cafe of your choosing, Pick the food, place, music, and how do you think we would act?

All the food would be clean(No pork and certain seafood). I don’t know where the place would be. The music would be a track of all the songs I like. And you Guys would probably think I’m a weirdo :D.

Best comeback you’ve ever heard/said?

I’ve said some pretty good ones but can’t remember any off the top of my head😋

Thank you very much, for asking me these questions! It’s greatly appreciated! Now, I got a surprise for you: I’m doing two giveaways! More info in my next post! I’m so excited!





Hey, Guys!!! Guess what? I just hit 100 followers today! Thank you all so much! I started blogging on May 16, 2016(I think😋) and 100 was my goal. I worked hard to get to it and here I am! Also if you Guys want to here more stats. I’ve had 9,350 views, 1,130 visitors, and I’ve made 107 posts!

Again, Thank you!  I’ve also made friends so a big shout out to Abby and Kayla! You Guys are the ones I talk most frequently with! I guess this is the end of the post now 😄 So, until next time😉


Ps: I really need to make a new sign off!


Now, introducing my new sign off………………………………………………………………………………………….


How do you like it?