Bohemian princess-AGPS contest!

Hullo! Kiki here! I was able to go outside Thursday and take some breath-taking photos of Carley! I hope you enjoy since this is the last round. Well, let’s get on to the shoot!






❤ this one!




❤ this one as well!
















The end! Thank you, Samantha for hosting this! I had fun trying to wrack my brain for the perfect idea 🙂 Again, I hope you enjoyed!





Twin braids into Ponytail- Gym-Day 3

Hi! I know I haven’t posted Back-To-School-Hairstyles in awhile. So, here it is I hope you enjoy!

Does you doll want to upgrade the standard pony? Then try this easy on the go hairstyle! Let’s get started!

What you’re going to need: two ponytail holders, Brush, 3 strand braid skill, and a Doll.

imageStart by taking a little section of hair in the front and braid it.

imageRepeat on the other side.

imageGather the two braids under where the ponytail would be. Tie it off with an elastic.


Take the excess hair from the braids, and combine it with the ponytail.

You’re done! It’s super simple!  Why I chose this as gym is because it’s cute, simple, and keeps your hair out of your face! Comment and like if you think this hairstyle is cute and simple! Also comment if you tried it! Next is 3D braid- Math- Day 4 Airing soon!





Fan Bun- Spanish- Day 2

Does your doll want her hair out of her face? But she also want’s to look fashionable? Try the Fan Bun!  Let’s begin!

What you’re going to need: 5 bobby pins, Ponytail holder, Doll, Headband(optional), brush.

imageStart tying it off with an elastic.

imageDon’t pull all the hair through. Leave a little weird bun on top of her head.

imageThe excess hair in the back wrap it around the ponytail holder, and bobby pin it in place.

imageLike that. It’s not called a Fan bun for no reason. So, now fan out the bun.

imageTake a little hair on the ends and bobby pin it to her head.

imageLike this so it look like a Fan not a floating bun. repeat on the other side.

imageIt should look like this. Now, you can add a headband for decoration.

imageEnjoy! I love this hairstyle! I’m actually wearing it in my hair right now! I made this Hairstyle Spanish cause I like to watch Spanish shows and a lot of the girls wear this bun.  So there you go! Your dolls will love this Hair do! Tell me if you tri  ed it!

-Kiki-     Stay tuned for Dutch pigtails- Gym! Airing tomorrow!



Bubble Braid- Science- Day 1

Hi! Since it’s been raining, and it’s way to wet for the Medal assembly. I decided that it’s time for me to do Back-To- School- Hairstyles! Each subject has a hairstyle! Let’s get started!

imageYou’re going to pony tail holders, a brush, and your doll.

imageTake a section of hair near the ear.

imageTie it off with a pony tail holder .

imageTake another section of hair near the other section, and join them together and tie it off with an elastic.

imageGet the bubble and pull it out to be bigger. Keep repeating these steps.

imageWhen you are near the other ear, and are out of hair to add keep making bubbles.

imageKami’s hair is layered so that why some hairs pop out.

imageHere’s the final spin!

imageimagePs: I don’t really know why I chose this hairstyle to be science.

Ppps: Enjoy this hairstyle!

Stay tuned for tomorrow! Fan Bun- Spanish!



Straw curls!

Hey! Today I’ll show you how to do straw curls. They’re very pretty! Note: Don’t try this on dolls that have straight hair.

What you are going to need!

A spritz bottle filled with water. And American girl doll hair brush. Paper towels. Straws.

image image This is what her hair looks like before. You can see that her ends are very dry! So in a couple days I’m going to wash it!

imageCover your dolls face with a paper towel so water doesn’t rust out her eyes.

image Now grab a small section of hair and spritz it till damp. Get your straw a put it near the top of the section and wrap her hair around the straw. Like this!

image And when your all out of hair tie the straw like a shoe lace.

image Like that!

imageHere’s her hair all done! I didn’t braid the beach wave. Leave this in her hair for 1 hour!

image I’m back and I took them out and this is how it looks!


AHH! She’s beautiful! This is super easy!


Beach waves and Beads!

Hi! Here is a new adorable post! This is the perfect do’s for summer! Let’s begin!

What you are going to need!

Beads with bigger holes and colored thread.

                                           Beach Waves  


Well, first cut a really long piece of colored thread. Tie it around a small section of hair, and wrap it around and around. Push up the thread when you can see her hair. When you’re done tie knot and you’re done!




Get however many beads you want with bigger holes so you can insert more hair in them. Grab a small section of hair. Twist the hair and insert in into the beads. grab another small section of hair and put it together. Then tie it off with an elastic! Comment below which one you like better and if you tried it!   -Kiki-



New do’s with a photo shoot!

So, I tried some new hairstyles today and decided that they were to cute not to take some pics of!

imageimageI was just playing around with Saige’s long locks and came up with this and I call it the queen of hearts crown! It looks just like a crown and with this outfit she looks like the queen of hearts!

imageimageHere’s beautiful Carley! You can’t see her hairstyle because it’s in the back. But her is called boho braids so I tried to kinda dress her up like it!

There’s the back of Car’s hair(I added a bow) and here’s the top of Sai’s crown bun!

bYe.       🐰-Kiki-🐰

To simple!

Hi! Today I’m going to show you how to do simple hairstyles. This is for the viewers that don’t know how to: Fishtail, French braid, Dutch braid. All you need to know is how to do a regular 3 strand braid. We’re back to the basics! Let’s begin!

imageI call this one Better than the pony! This one is definitely my favorite!

Here’s what it looks like from the back. All you do is take hair in the front where her part begins and just regular 3 strand braid and put it into a ponytail. Simple, right?


Here’s half braid ponytail. I twisted the front of her hair so she can look  very pretty.

It’s very simple. All you do is make small 3 strand braids in the front. Then bring them together and get a section and braid it with the 2 other braids.


Here’s Braids into braids. These are the same two braids from half braid ponytail.

So just make the same 2 braids from half braid ponytail and put them into two 3 strand braids.

I hope you try these out on your dolls!     🐰-Kiki-🐰