Hey, Guys! Kiki here! I’m finally back from Illinois and now at my Aunt’s house. I’ll post pictures of my trip soon! I didn’t exactly have a nice time but that’s a story for another time😉 Anyway, I’m here to update you on my bracelet giveaway! It ends Thursday(I think😜). So, don’t forget to enter! […]

Day 4- Pictures of my trip!

Hey, Guys! Kiki here! I know it’s been along time, but today is the day! Click HERE to see Day three, and click  HERE to see Day two! Also click HERE to see the Day we arrived! Now that you are all caught up I can begin! My Aunt & Uncle took Chance(my brother), and I………………………….Wait for it…………. . […]

When I arrived- Pictures of my Trip!

Hi!!! I’m officially back! 😉 So, it’s time to show you guys when I arrived in Oklahoma! Let’s get started! Isn’t the cabin beautiful? These 2 pictures are on the left of the cabin 🙂 On the right of the cabin is our on playground(Which gave me a lot of painful splinters)! In the back of the […]