I’m going back to homeschool?! & Luciana Vega leaked!

Greetings! It’s Kiki here!

So, as you all know, I was going to a college-prep charter high-school. You guys also know- but not to what extent- that I had a TON of homework and just school work in general. I’d wake up at 6 am my mom or dad would drive us to go an hour away to this school (traffic) get home at 5 pm do homework till 11pm.

I’m a total Introvert so I really was emoinally tired by the people at the end of the day. I also crack under pressure and had a lots of anxiety. I wasn’t eating, I was always cold, my stomach hurt, I was worried about be picked on or failing. It was really bad. I blame a lot of it on presentations.

By the time 11 pm came I’d be so tired and angry an say a million times how I hated school. Sometimes, my Mom or Dad had to help us because we weren’t understanding what they wanted and they were already tired from their own day and stuff. One time I was so tired and angry I wanted to cry but I like couldn’t. It was really weird.

So, yeah that’s what my days are like, even on Saturdays I’d be working on homework. Plus the language, inappropriate topics, and getting picked on, etc. was too much. So, yesterday my parents did a whole ‘pros and cons’ list of homeschool and charter school and we all decided that homeschool was a better fit for our family physically, emotionally, spirituality and all that stuff. So, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be posting more!

Besides, all the school stuff, Luciana Vega has leaked! So, here is what she looks like!



It’s a little early for a leak but I’m not complaining 😄 Finally, a left part! I have a left part if you couldn’t tell 😉 I love her outfit and purple streak! It looks like she has the Josefina mold. Her logo is super cool and spacey 😉 The box doesn’t look like their boutique boxes though… What do you think of her? I need more pictures and information 😜

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 Don’t forget to comment down below!


Ps: Image credit to The American Girl Spot.



Hey, Guys! Kiki here! I’m finally back from Illinois and now at my Aunt’s house. I’ll post pictures of my trip soon! I didn’t exactly have a nice time but that’s a story for another time😉

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Day 4- Pictures of my trip!

Hey, Guys! Kiki here! I know it’s been along time, but today is the day! Click HERE to see Day three, and click  HERE to see Day two! Also click HERE to see the Day we arrived! Now that you are all caught up I can begin!

My Aunt & Uncle took Chance(my brother), and I………………………….Wait for it…………. .  ………………………………. HORSEBACKRIDING! I know so exciting! This was hands down my favorite day!

Ok, so when we arrived we were greeted by a male Peacock!

img_3982Isn’t pretty? I thought so!

img_3983Here are some Donkeys! They are utterly adorable!

img_3987Here’s the horse I rode. I named it Smokey cause, I did not know what his real name was. The coloring of Smokey is gorgeous!

img_3984Here’s us on the trail! Do you see the branch I’m holding? I had to hold it if Smokey started getting lazy 😀

img_3991img_3988Here is just some scenery. The pond is very pretty!

img_3989img_3986We also went through a creek! I was worried my phone was going to drop in though!

I hope you enjoyed Day 4! I didn’t do much on Day 5, and the day we left so this is the end! What was your favorite day of my trip? You all know mine is 4!

Until next time 😉  …………………………………………………………………………………….


Ps: I am allergic to horses, but I just took an allergy pill, cause it’s vacation!






When I arrived- Pictures of my Trip!

Hi!!! I’m officially back! 😉 So, it’s time to show you guys when I arrived in Oklahoma! Let’s get started!

img_3928Isn’t the cabin beautiful?

img_3915img_3918These 2 pictures are on the left of the cabin 🙂

img_3927On the right of the cabin is our on playground(Which gave me a lot of painful splinters)!

img_3935img_3936In the back of the cabin is a porch, a and hot tub!

img_3923For dinner we had a local burger place. They were ok, and yes they were very sloppy. Don’t forget greasy too!

On the ride to Oklahoma was short(Me, and Chance just watched movies, and played on our Ds), and I loved that it was somewhat cooler!

img_3554Here’s me playing! Stay tuned for The Mysterious Ville of Tov!  Day 2 will be posted on  3 Girls and Randomness   Day 3 will be posted on Kiki’s Life                                                             


img_3900 Ps: How do you like this Unicorn I painted? 🙂

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Ppps: I officially changed my blog name to Kiki Through the Looking-Glass! I love this title so much! Thank you Mom for the idea!