My Second Giveaway!

Good afternoon! It’s Kiki! I said in my previous post(AKA Kamille giveaway) that I have another giveaway for my followers that aren’t into dolls! So, here I am typing it up! Let’s get started!  I’ll be giving away 3 homemade bracelets made by I, the author of this blog to 3 lucky winners! These bracelets are one […]

Rouge One my thoughts *Spoiler Free*

First of all I’m going to say I LOVED THE MOVIE! The end. Just kidding! Anyway, Hey, Guys! The day before yesterday I saw the amazing movie Rouge One! So, today I’m going to tell you my thoughts/what I liked and didn’t like. Let’s get started! I’ll talk about the main characters first😉  Jyn Erso(Felicity […]