My Trip Pictures to Illinois Pt. 2

Greetings, Guys! It's Kiki! Finally, I'm here posting part two. Sorry, I took awhile, I've been a little busy lately but I'll tell you more about that in my next post 🙂 So, let's start off with some pics of CC! Cause I have a lot of them and she's cute 😄


img_8925So cute!




img_8883Love this one!💙

img_8886img_8887OMGOODNESS! Look at her little fluffy paw😍



img_8885She's like: "NO, MORE PICTURES!!!"

Me: Fine, fine we'll move onto Caro. She at least enjoys the attention unlike a little someone *Gives CC the evil stare*

img_8918A little photo-shoot of  Carolina! These were taken after I took pics for TMVOT Chap 3!



img_8920img_8922img_8923She's so photogenic!

img_8893The swings, the house, the angle, I just love it!

img_8917Here's a close-up on my swing. My Dad actually made them! 😊

img_8916Here's Chance on his swing and his phone 😜

img_8902Next, is some different angles of the barn. I really enjoyed taking these and the gray sky really makes it 😉



img_8908More pictures of the barn animals.


img_8905I found some more kittens and they tried to be scary but I couldn't resist and picked them all up more than once…hehe😋 There were 4 of them, by the way.


This little black one is literally the cutest!😍

img_8906This is one of the kittens in Part one, trying to hide from me.

img_8910Can't forget about the walking carpet! 😂

img_8901Me, waiting for my turn🙂

img_8900While I was driving, they decided it was a good time for a family reunion! The smaller dog on the right that is also showing more face is Niña. She's way prettier but she growled at my Aunt so everyone was like scared of her. She was ok with me though, of course, since I'm a canismouth.

Yes, I just made that up 😄

img_8898Silly sibling picture time!

img_8899Chance's face😂

img_8926Now, it's time to say goodbye.

img_8927After a long drive back to my Aunt and Uncle's house we were greeted by a thunderstorm that knocked out the electricity.


Which, inspired me to write a poem! Here it is:


When a somber gray paint the sky

Thunder will crash

Lightening will strike

The wild wind will you give you insight


That in no time at all

Rain will fall

You can not stop it, no matter how hard you try

Without it, you'd be a crispy fry


I love the feeling on this dreary day

Though, it is scary to some

Just grab a book and lay

Listening to the droplets come.

By: Kiki

Eventually the power came back one and I had wi-fi again, since I went like a week without it in Illinois! I did have fun doing riddles in the dark, though😉

Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment down below: Your favorite part and picture!






 Ps: August synopsis coming soon!






My Trip Pictures to Illinois Pt. 1

Greetings, Guys! It’s Kiki! So, you all should know that I went to Illinois to see my Grandpa (Opa) in late May and that I took TONS of pictures. Yes, I know this an overdue post. Sorting through pictures and watermarking and stuff takes a lot of work, ya know. But fear not cause I have done the perilous journey for your entertainment. So, with that being said, let’s begin!



The St. Louis arch, which means we’re almost there!

img_8856Finally after to many days and hours of driving we’ve made it to Illinois!

img_8857After a couple more hours of driving, we were greeted by Niñi (I have no idea how to spell it but it’s Spanish for little boy).

img_8860And CC! My cat but everyone (except my Opa) thinks its CCs’ kid. I guess it will always be a mystery 😉



Here are some random black cats.

img_8872Wandering around his land.


img_8864This bull was pretty small but he was a big jerk😐


I found these cute little kittens in the barn, scared for their life because of me and Niñi (that dog follows you wherever you go. And it got annoying really quick!)

img_8891I can’t forget about the sheep, who were also afraid of me but the little lambs are so CUTE!!!😍


img_8869More wandering…

img_8868img_8867He had so many wild flowers on his land and I loved it.🙂



I found this toad that has one of the best camouflages I’ve seen in awhile, cause I almost stepped on or ran over him with the tractor😂

img_8912This is at the front of his driveway.

img_8882Me attempting to take a selfie with CC… I didn’t work out 😜 Our faces are so weird!

img_8889And lastly me and Chance found out that CC has kittens. Aren’t they cute? I love the gray color on their fur

img_8890Here’s CC with her kittens 🙂

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! And I’ll post Pt. 2 sometime in the near future!







Bohemian princess-AGPS contest!

Hullo! Kiki here! I was able to go outside Thursday and take some breath-taking photos of Carley! I hope you enjoy since this is the last round. Well, let’s get on to the shoot!






❤ this one!




❤ this one as well!
















The end! Thank you, Samantha for hosting this! I had fun trying to wrack my brain for the perfect idea 🙂 Again, I hope you enjoyed!




“Chipped” wood background-AGPS contest!

Suilad! Kiki here! Here’s my entry for “Chipped”. Which, if I may say, is a weird category 😛




❤ this one!






❤ this one too!





The end! I decided to go real literal since I went really out-side of the box on my first photo-shoot. Well, I hoped you Guys enjoyed 🙂



PS: I’m going to answer the Q&A questions very soon!

Day 4- Pictures of my trip!

Hey, Guys! Kiki here! I know it’s been along time, but today is the day! Click HERE to see Day three, and click  HERE to see Day two! Also click HERE to see the Day we arrived! Now that you are all caught up I can begin!

My Aunt & Uncle took Chance(my brother), and I………………………….Wait for it…………. .  ………………………………. HORSEBACKRIDING! I know so exciting! This was hands down my favorite day!

Ok, so when we arrived we were greeted by a male Peacock!

img_3982Isn’t pretty? I thought so!

img_3983Here are some Donkeys! They are utterly adorable!

img_3987Here’s the horse I rode. I named it Smokey cause, I did not know what his real name was. The coloring of Smokey is gorgeous!

img_3984Here’s us on the trail! Do you see the branch I’m holding? I had to hold it if Smokey started getting lazy 😀

img_3991img_3988Here is just some scenery. The pond is very pretty!

img_3989img_3986We also went through a creek! I was worried my phone was going to drop in though!

I hope you enjoyed Day 4! I didn’t do much on Day 5, and the day we left so this is the end! What was your favorite day of my trip? You all know mine is 4!

Until next time 😉  …………………………………………………………………………………….


Ps: I am allergic to horses, but I just took an allergy pill, cause it’s vacation!






Happy 4th of July!

Hi! Happy 4th of July! There were fireworks last night but this one tree was blocking our view no matter what angle we looked at. Luckily there are more tonight!   


Here are my 4th of July beanie babies! The one with red and blue stars is mine(named Glory). The other one is my brothers named Spangle.   

My Grandma used to collect beanie babies. She died winter 2014 so I got all 100 of them(and some more stuffed animals). When I got the BB that’s also when I got Sunshine the Camel! Have a happy 4th!

  bYe!    🐰-Kiki-🐰   



So, last night there was a lot of booming but we couldn’t see anything then my brother said now you can see them pretty clear. We went in our driveway and sure enough beautiful lights filled the sky. Here are some pictures(not the greatest) of them!

imageThey weren’t every big 😦 . They were beautiful though! Post ya tomorrow!    🐰-Kiki-🐰

My Petz!

Hey!  I took some pictures of my turtle! I found Carrot a couple months ago. Yes, Carrot is a outside turtle. Here she is!


I don’t know how she got that purple on her shell. I named her Carrot because she loves carrots.

Now here is Lily because she’s a very jealous dog!   I hope you enjoyed my pets!