My Trip Pictures to Illinois Pt. 2

Greetings, Guys! It's Kiki! Finally, I'm here posting part two. Sorry, I took awhile, I've been a little busy lately but I'll tell you more about that in my next post 🙂 So, let's start off with some pics of CC! Cause I have a lot of them and she's cute 😄


img_8925So cute!




img_8883Love this one!💙

img_8886img_8887OMGOODNESS! Look at her little fluffy paw😍



img_8885She's like: "NO, MORE PICTURES!!!"

Me: Fine, fine we'll move onto Caro. She at least enjoys the attention unlike a little someone *Gives CC the evil stare*

img_8918A little photo-shoot of  Carolina! These were taken after I took pics for TMVOT Chap 3!



img_8920img_8922img_8923She's so photogenic!

img_8893The swings, the house, the angle, I just love it!

img_8917Here's a close-up on my swing. My Dad actually made them! 😊

img_8916Here's Chance on his swing and his phone 😜

img_8902Next, is some different angles of the barn. I really enjoyed taking these and the gray sky really makes it 😉



img_8908More pictures of the barn animals.


img_8905I found some more kittens and they tried to be scary but I couldn't resist and picked them all up more than once…hehe😋 There were 4 of them, by the way.


This little black one is literally the cutest!😍

img_8906This is one of the kittens in Part one, trying to hide from me.

img_8910Can't forget about the walking carpet! 😂

img_8901Me, waiting for my turn🙂

img_8900While I was driving, they decided it was a good time for a family reunion! The smaller dog on the right that is also showing more face is Niña. She's way prettier but she growled at my Aunt so everyone was like scared of her. She was ok with me though, of course, since I'm a canismouth.

Yes, I just made that up 😄

img_8898Silly sibling picture time!

img_8899Chance's face😂

img_8926Now, it's time to say goodbye.

img_8927After a long drive back to my Aunt and Uncle's house we were greeted by a thunderstorm that knocked out the electricity.


Which, inspired me to write a poem! Here it is:


When a somber gray paint the sky

Thunder will crash

Lightening will strike

The wild wind will you give you insight


That in no time at all

Rain will fall

You can not stop it, no matter how hard you try

Without it, you'd be a crispy fry


I love the feeling on this dreary day

Though, it is scary to some

Just grab a book and lay

Listening to the droplets come.

By: Kiki

Eventually the power came back one and I had wi-fi again, since I went like a week without it in Illinois! I did have fun doing riddles in the dark, though😉

Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment down below: Your favorite part and picture!






 Ps: August synopsis coming soon!






Girl of the Year 2017 Sillioutte! 

Hey! It’s Kiki. I was doing some sleuthing, and found this site called AG news. Well, she had a picture of the 2017 Goty Sillioutte! Here it is!

img_4607-1                                                 It looks like it’s going to be a black doll with her hair in a high pony. The shirt looks like a baseball tee with leggings, and either sneakers or boots like Grace Thomas.
What do you think? I hope you enjoyed this post.




What I don’t get about Melody Ellison!

Hello! As you can tell I’m confused! Take a look  at what I mean!

Image result for Melody ellison

Doesn’t her hair look dry, and light brownish? Now let’s take a look at this picture!

Image result for Melody ellison

It’s shiny,and black! Does this make sense to anyone? If so comment down below!

-Kiki-       (All these pictures are not mine they are from goggle)



Fan Bun- Spanish- Day 2

Does your doll want her hair out of her face? But she also want’s to look fashionable? Try the Fan Bun!  Let’s begin!

What you’re going to need: 5 bobby pins, Ponytail holder, Doll, Headband(optional), brush.

imageStart tying it off with an elastic.

imageDon’t pull all the hair through. Leave a little weird bun on top of her head.

imageThe excess hair in the back wrap it around the ponytail holder, and bobby pin it in place.

imageLike that. It’s not called a Fan bun for no reason. So, now fan out the bun.

imageTake a little hair on the ends and bobby pin it to her head.

imageLike this so it look like a Fan not a floating bun. repeat on the other side.

imageIt should look like this. Now, you can add a headband for decoration.

imageEnjoy! I love this hairstyle! I’m actually wearing it in my hair right now! I made this Hairstyle Spanish cause I like to watch Spanish shows and a lot of the girls wear this bun.  So there you go! Your dolls will love this Hair do! Tell me if you tri  ed it!

-Kiki-     Stay tuned for Dutch pigtails- Gym! Airing tomorrow!



Bubble Braid- Science- Day 1

Hi! Since it’s been raining, and it’s way to wet for the Medal assembly. I decided that it’s time for me to do Back-To- School- Hairstyles! Each subject has a hairstyle! Let’s get started!

imageYou’re going to pony tail holders, a brush, and your doll.

imageTake a section of hair near the ear.

imageTie it off with a pony tail holder .

imageTake another section of hair near the other section, and join them together and tie it off with an elastic.

imageGet the bubble and pull it out to be bigger. Keep repeating these steps.

imageWhen you are near the other ear, and are out of hair to add keep making bubbles.

imageKami’s hair is layered so that why some hairs pop out.

imageHere’s the final spin!

imageimagePs: I don’t really know why I chose this hairstyle to be science.

Ppps: Enjoy this hairstyle!

Stay tuned for tomorrow! Fan Bun- Spanish!