AG Doll Wishlist- 2018

Hello, Guys! Kiki here! Today, I have for you my 2018 American Girl Doll wish-list! I went to the pop-up AG store in Austin today. I had a very nice time and I got to see what dolls I want in person! It did change my thoughts on what dolls I want next. Now, here is my wish-list 🙂

1: Nanea

tile_1                             Once, I found out they were going to be adding a Hawaiian to Beforever I was very happy because, I used to really regret not getting Kanani. I also love that she has a unique face mold. Bea, recently poseted a picture of her Nanea (renamed Magnolia) and I was like that heart-eyed emoji! I was surprised by how cute she was! I mean she looks cute on the internet but in person and in different pictures (Like Bea’s), she looks way cuter!

2: Rebecca

th                                          This doll was on my wish-list last year, as well. Ever since she came out all those years ago, I’ve always been attracted to her. I remember when I was 5/6 printing out her picture and bringing the paper to restaurants and stuff. I do prefer her original outfit but, the only thing I can do about that is buying her on ebay. Besides, all that she has this super cute/ innocent look (that I love!) and she’s Jewish 😉

3: Number 64

thSGSNI18Y                                           This doll is still on my wish-list. I will eventually get her someday 😀 Anyway, I like her because she’s Asian (I don’t have one in my collection yet) and because she has the painted eyes. Some other Truly Me Asian dolls do not. One of the employees was really trying to ‘sell’ me Z because I told her I like #64 better. Because my Mom and I wanted to see Z next to #64 to compare. I mean you might think they’re basically the same but, they’re actually really different! I don’t know which one I like better, so I guess Z should be on this list 😀

4: Luciana

Luciana Meet Stock SQ

I don’t care for Luciana’s ‘story’ for some reasons (it would be very long if I explained it all 😀 ) but I think she’s pretty cute and I like her purple streak. Yes, it’s permanent, if you were wondering 😉 I also like her outfit collection. I put my name in for a drawing for Luciana, so we’ll see 🙂

5: Tenney

05BUN03_Tenney_Doll_Book_Accessories_DVM11_DVM05_1                                                                 In person, she’s really pretty! Her eyes are a really pretty light brown and I actually like her freckle pattern. Her hair is very beautiful and I love her outfit collection.


How was your Guy’s New Year/Eve? I had a nice new Year’s Eve. My Mom made heavy hors-d’oeuvres and we watched The Hobbit (I would’ve rather watched the second one 😀 ). And of course, New Year’s day was great 😉 What doll or dolls are on your 2018 wishlist?


Truly Me American BOY Dolls?!?

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki 😉 AG has done something incredibly shocking. I didn’t even see it coming. I should have. Here it is:


Yes, Truly Me American boy dolls. I guess for now they only have these four: A Asian, a blondie, a African-American, and a Hispanic.

Here are some outfits for them, as well. Can you guys believe it? I feel like AG isn’t as “special” anymore. Like, well, it’s hard to explain but you get what I mean, right?

Tell me in the comments down below your thoughts 🙂



Ps: Credit to: The Rocky Top Dolls for these images.

AG Hanukkah Gift Set Review- Day 3- Blogukkah

AG SetHello! Kiki here! Today, I have for you a review on American Girl’s Hanukkah Gift Set! I bought this set last year at one of AG’s pop-up stores. I was actually going to get Rebecca’s menorah and dreidel set, but this one came with more and was cheaper. I still want Rebecca’s, but I just looked on the AG website and it said ‘no longer available’! What?!? Nooooo!! Wait, now it says ‘limited quantities’. Anyway, let’s begin the review, shall we?


We’ll start off with this nice menorah here 😉 So, the menorah is nicely made and very realistic. My only complaint is, it’s a little top-heavy. Nine blue and light-blue striped candles perfectly in but be careful cause they do bend very easily.


In the center you can see  the Star of David design.


Next, you get a box with some designs and in the Hanukkah colors.


And inside the box you get a little blue bag that has a drawstring closure.


Lots of little goodies lie inside 😀


A dreidel that does spin and is in matching colors.


Six pieces of reversible gelt. One side menorah, other side Star of David


This cute little bracelet that has a baby blue bow and a Star of David.


That concludes the review! All in all I rate the set a 4.5 out of 5. What was your favorite item out of this set? Would you but this set? Tell me in the comments down below!




Holiday Tag- Day 2- Blogukkah

birthday (7)Hey, Guys! It’s Kiki! Today, I have for you a Holiday- Tag that I’ve made! I’ve seen a lot of ‘Christmas tags’ and I didn’t think it was fair for those who don’t celebrate it (like myself) so I decided to create one! This isn’t strictly a Hanukkah tag- it’s versatile. Let’s begin!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Mention the creator of this tag by providing a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the 11 questions.
  4. Use the picture (above) in your blog.
  5. Tag 4 other bloggers at least- more if you’d like.



1: Which holiday do you celebrate?

2: What are you doing for the holidays this year?

3: What’s your favorite holiday song?

4: Candy cane or gingerbread men?

5: What is your favorite winter fragrance?

6: If you could eat as much of one holiday food as you like, with no regrets, what would it be?

7: What is your favorite holiday movie?

8: Apple cider or Hot cocoa or Eggnog?

9: What is on the top of your holiday list this year?

10: What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received?

11: What is most important to you about the holidays?



Brooke Jade









Even if you weren’t nominated, of course you can still participate!

Here is another Hanukkah song I recently found 🙂 This one is even more catchy (at least it is for me; Chance doesn’t like it though) but I really like it 😉  Don’t forget to comment down below and tune in tomorrow!

We will meet again,






Hanukkah History- Day 1- Blogukkah

february (1)What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki! Before I start, I want to say: Happy Hanukkah! ( If you celebrate it, of course 😉 ) Cause today is the first day of Hanukkah! *throws blue and white confetti and gelt into the air* *spins dreidels and shoves doughnuts and latkes into mouth* So, to celebrate this joyous holiday I’m doing sort of like a blogmas but different. I’m going to try to post something Hanukkah related all 8 days. Today, I’m going to start off with the story or history of Hanukkah. Let’s begin!

Unlike many Jewish holidays, Hanukkah (also known as the Festival of Lights) is not mentioned in the Bible. The historical events upon which the celebration is based are recorded in Maccabees I and II, two books contained within a later collection of writings known as the Apocrypha. Although Hanukkah is considered a “minor” Jewish festival, today it ranks—along with Passover and Purim—as one of the most beloved Jewish family holidays.
In the year 168 B.C.E., the Syrian tyrant Antiochus Epiphanes sent his soldiers to Jerusalem. The Syrians desecrated the Temple, the holiest place for Jews at that time.  Antiochus also abolished Judaism, outlawing the observance of Shabbat and the Festivals, as well as circumcision.  Altars and idols were set up for the worship of Greek gods and he offered Jews two options:  conversion or death.
On the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev in 168 B.C.E., the Temple was renamed for the Greek god Zeus. A resistance movement— led by a priestly family known as the Hasmoneans, or Maccabees—developed against the cruelty of Antiochus. The head of the family was Mattathias, an elderly man.  His son, Judah, became the chief strategist and military leader of the resistance. Though outnumbered, Judah Maccabee and his fighters miraculously won two major battles, routing the Syrians decisively.
Although historians debate the causes and outcomes of the war in which Judah Maccabee and his followers defeated the Syrian armies of Antiochus, there is no doubt that Hanukkah evokes stirring images of Jewish valor against overwhelming odds. Other themes rooted in the observance of the holiday include the refusal to submit to the religious demands of an empire practicing idolatry, the struggle against total assimilation into Hellenistic culture and loss of Jewish identity, and the fight for Jewish political autonomy and self-determination.
Hanukkah, which means “dedication,” is the festival that commemorates the purification and rededication of the Temple following the defilement caused by the Greeks during their occupation of that holy place. Today, the holiday reminds Jews to rededicate themselves to stand against forces that would destroy Judaism and to keep alive the flame of Jewish religion, culture, and peoplehood so that it may be passed on to the next generation.
Originally, the eight-day holiday was intended to parallel the eight-day festival of Sukkot. The Books of the Maccabees made no mention of the legend concerning a small jar of oil that unexpectedly lasted for eight days.  Only centuries after the Maccabees’ defeat of the Syrians did the story of the jar of oil—which has come to be a part of Hanukkah—appear in the Talmud.
According to the legend, when the Maccabees entered the Temple and began to reclaim it from the Greeks, they immediately relit the ner tamid (eternal light), which burned constantly in the Temple and has a parallel in our synagogues to this day. In the Temple, they found a single jar of oil, which was sufficient for only one day. The messenger who was sent to secure additional oil took eight days to complete his mission, and miraculously, the single jar of oil continued to burn until his return. The rabbis of the Talmud attributed the eight days of Hanukkah to the miracle of this single jar of oil.
Although the practice of lighting the menorah was common throughout much of the 19th century, North American Jews tended to neglect most of the other traditions and practices associated with the holiday.  By the 1920s, however, Jews increasingly added gift-giving to their Hanukkah celebrations, prompting Christians to refer to Hanukkah as the “Jewish Christmas.”
Like many aspects of Jewish religious practice, the transformation of Hanukkah was linked to the growth of North American Jewry within its unique environment. The elevation of Hanukkah to a major holiday was the result of Jews acculturating themselves to a North America that was overwhelmingly Christian in population and symbols.
Although Hanukkah had become an important holiday among North American Jews by the 1920s, it would be incorrect to regard it as an imitation of Christmas with an emphasis on the exchange of presents. Rather, North American Jews use this holiday as a celebration of family, reinforcing Jewish identity in a place whose population may be overwhelmingly Christian but in which Jews feel at home. Hanukkah, therefore, is a means for North American Jews to feel a kinship with their neighbors, while simultaneously asserting their Jewish distinctiveness.

Credit to Reform


I also have here a little song that also explains the Hanukah story in a more ‘entertaining’ way 😉 I warn you, though; it’s catchy 😀

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I decided really spur of the moment (literally two days ago) to do this ‘8 days of Hanukkah’ thing because obviously, this little blogosphere I’m in is mainly Christian, and I wanted to share and embrace some of my culture. Don’t forget to comment down below and come back tomorrow for another post!

See ya, tomorrow,


And her Name is….

Hey, Guys! It’s Kiki! How are you guys enjoying break and cooler weather and stuff? I’m personally really enjoying it 😀  Remember my last post, I said I had to go on two different types of medicine for my fungal infection? Well, it turns out I’m allergic to them. I had a really bad allergic reaction last week. My chest and throat were really tight so, I couldn’t get any air when I tried to sleep. I had to sleep on the recliner and my Mom stayed out with me. I ended up being okay, the doctors just said to take some Benadryl.  Now, here’s the winning name!



Well, it’s actually a tie between Eva and Hazel! They are both great names! So, to break the tie, I’ll put in my vote 😉 Ooh, this is hard but I think I choose………………..Hazel! Even though she could rock Eva, I just feel Hazel; if ya know what I mean 🙂 Well, thank you for commenting and voting! It seems like you guys enjoy these type of posts. In the near future, I’ll be posting better and more I’m just waiting for the camera situation.

Anyway, My Aunt and Uncle are coming down and we’re having a barbecue Thanksgiving? Yeah. We’re so traditional 😛 But I don’t really mind.


What are you most looking forward to eating at Thanksgiving? Is your family traditional or untraditional (like mine)?


Altoids, Cameras and Vote!


Greetings! It’s Kiki! Today, I have for you today some life updates and then at the end the five names I have chosen. Let’s get started!

Well, yesterday I went to an allergist because my doctor said I’m having to many sinus infections. They basically told me I have a fungal infection. You’re probably like what?! I was surprised too. Apparently, TX has a lot of mold and with the recent hurricanes blowing around stuff they been seeing it more recently. So, to stop the fungus from spreading (I feel like Will from Stranger Things right now 😜) I have to………..burn it out of me. Just kidding 😂 I actually have to swish coconut oil in my mouth, chew sugar-free cinnamon gum, suck cinnamon altoids and take some medicine they have prescribed. I also have to take an anti-inflammation med, as well. Both taken three times a day with food. So, that’s fun but at least I’ll be less sick now 😉 I also have to get a cat scan for my sinuses Monday.

Yes, I bought a camera. I bought it off of ebay two-ish weeks ago and it was working fine and then….. it wasn’t dun dun DUN! That seems to be my luck. Once, I bought a hamster and a week later it started dying, so I get a new one and then I found out I’m really allergic to hamsters a couple months later 😀 Anyway, after my allergist appointment, we went to a camera shop. The Guy pretty much told us we need to get our money back because it’s an older model and the electronics are going out. So, I’m off to find a new camera. Yay 🙂

Now, here are the five names I have chosen! They are in bold and once again this image is not mine.


Eva– Rae

Lilian– Arabella

Ashlyn– Laura

Leah– Lizard

Hazel– Brooke Jade and Skye

And just for fun………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

General Chicken Nuggets– Abby

So, comment down below your favorite name out of these!

‘Till next time.


This Doll Needs a Name!

Hello, Guys! It’s Kiki! Today, I have a nice game called ‘This Doll Needs a Name!’ I’ve done this game once last year and you guys seemed to like it, so I brought it back! All you have to do is list names that you think this doll looks like and I’ll choose 5 names I like the best. Then you guys have to vote which of the five names you like the best! Ok, so here’s the doll!

Also, this image does not belong to me!


Have fun!

img_9654-1Ps: #55 is so cute!


Twilight Inspired Photo-shoot/ Introducing….

Hello, Guys! It’s Kiki! Thank you for taking my polls/surveys! They really helped me get an idea of what you guys want to see 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised that you guys wanted more fandom and photo-shoot posts. So, a couple weekends ago I took photos for a fandom-photo-shoot. I chose Twilight because it’s amazing (😍), it gave me a chance to introduce Levi, and on Freeform they were having “Twifright weekend”. You’re probably wondering: Who’s Levi? Well, um, uh, it’s better to just show you! Let’s begin the shoot! *dims lights then turns them back on*

One more thing, if you are a Twilight hater or do not like slightly romantic photo-shoots this is not a good post for you😉 *now dims lights for real*

img_0157img_0158img_0159img_0160img_0161img_0172img_0173img_0162img_0163img_0171img_0174img_0176img_0175img_0184img_0190img_0191img_0185img_0187img_0188img_0199img_0196img_0197img_0194img_0198img_0202 Well, I hope you enjoyed this photo-shoot! Wasn’t it so cute!?!😍It might just be my favorite! 😉 And welcome Levi to the doll family! Don’t forget to comment down below!


Please, take my Polls/Surveys!

Polls and Surveys!


Happy national crispy taco day, Guys! 😀 It’s Kiki! Today, I have some polls/surveys for you to take so I get a greater understanding of what you guys want to see on this blog and to just know more about you guys: my followers, ya know my vips! The people who help make this blog what it is today! Anyway, I’d really appreciate if you took them! It would mean a lot 🙂 I promise they’re not too long 😉

On the last one, I meant Quote not Joke 😀 I guess it could be a joke though…. 😛




Ps: Picmonkey has updated their site and will not allow you to save your creations unless you pay, so now I use canva (obviously 😛 ). How do you like my first image? I actually think it looks very modern and chic! Canva seems harder to use though… but it’s got everything!

Pps: If you chose other, please tell me down below what it is cause I can’t see any comments on the poll for some reason.