I Finally Got a Camera and Possible Changes…?


Greetings, Guys! It’s Kiki here! Today, I have for you a post I’ve been dreaming of making since last year: The I got a Camera post! I received my Nikon D3400 for Hanukkah, I was very surprised. My Mom actually tricked me cause, I unwrapped my gift and it was a Nikon box, so I was like “Oh, you got me a camera!” Then my Mom said “Sorry, it’s just a box”, in a seriously convincing voice. So, I was second guessing myself but was still suspicious how my parents’ got a Nikon box. When I opened up the box I was like, “You tricked me!”

Anyway, I’m so, so grateful to my parents’ 😊 Now, here is a little photo-shoot of Chrissa and maybe some pictures of my dog, Lily. I will also do pros and cons and my favorite features 😉 Let’s begin, shall we?









Isn’t Chrissa just beautiful in these pictures?

Now, I’ll go onto the pros and cons 🙂

Some pros: It’s extremely user-friendly (which is great cause I got another camera off eBay in October and sent it back (it was heavily used and old) and that manual and settings were very hard to understand), long battery life, super lightweight, it’s small, the guide button which also goes with user friendly, etc. Mostly, what I love about it is how user-friendly it is 😀

Cons: I mean I just got it less than a month ago so I haven’t found really anything bad with it but I hear it’s video audio isn’t the best. I haven’t had the chance to put it in video mode yet, though.

Now, I’m going onto the ‘changes’ part of this post 😀

Well, I’m really considering buying a domain! I have thought about this idea for awhile but got more serious a couple weeks ago. I love KTTL-G but I’m ready for a change. Something more professional and me. I have already picked out a name, but that’s not going to be disclosed until I buy it 😉 I don’t really know when it will be released; I need time to work every thing out (probably around the summer time). This blog will not be strictly about AG (as much as I love it, it can be hard to only post about it). I know most bloggers do this thing called a “Launch Tour”. If a nice person would tell me in the comments what it is and how to do it I might do it when I buy it and stuff (I’m very out of the loop, bear with me 😄)! If you guys are interested, of course 🙂

So, thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Do you have a camera or want one? What do you think of self-hosting? Do you know what a Launch tour is?

Till, next time,

Ps: Here’s some Lily pictures:









AG Doll Wishlist- 2018

Hello, Guys! Kiki here! Today, I have for you my 2018 American Girl Doll wish-list! I went to the pop-up AG store in Austin today. I had a very nice time and I got to see what dolls I want in person! It did change my thoughts on what dolls I want next. Now, here is my wish-list 🙂

1: Nanea

tile_1                             Once, I found out they were going to be adding a Hawaiian to Beforever I was very happy because, I used to really regret not getting Kanani. I also love that she has a unique face mold. Bea, recently poseted a picture of her Nanea (renamed Magnolia) and I was like that heart-eyed emoji! I was surprised by how cute she was! I mean she looks cute on the internet but in person and in different pictures (Like Bea’s), she looks way cuter!

2: Rebecca

th                                          This doll was on my wish-list last year, as well. Ever since she came out all those years ago, I’ve always been attracted to her. I remember when I was 5/6 printing out her picture and bringing the paper to restaurants and stuff. I do prefer her original outfit but, the only thing I can do about that is buying her on ebay. Besides, all that she has this super cute/ innocent look (that I love!) and she’s Jewish 😉

3: Number 64

thSGSNI18Y                                           This doll is still on my wish-list. I will eventually get her someday 😀 Anyway, I like her because she’s Asian (I don’t have one in my collection yet) and because she has the painted eyes. Some other Truly Me Asian dolls do not. One of the employees was really trying to ‘sell’ me Z because I told her I like #64 better. Because my Mom and I wanted to see Z next to #64 to compare. I mean you might think they’re basically the same but, they’re actually really different! I don’t know which one I like better, so I guess Z should be on this list 😀

4: Luciana

Luciana Meet Stock SQ

I don’t care for Luciana’s ‘story’ for some reasons (it would be very long if I explained it all 😀 ) but I think she’s pretty cute and I like her purple streak. Yes, it’s permanent, if you were wondering 😉 I also like her outfit collection. I put my name in for a drawing for Luciana, so we’ll see 🙂

5: Tenney

05BUN03_Tenney_Doll_Book_Accessories_DVM11_DVM05_1                                                                 In person, she’s really pretty! Her eyes are a really pretty light brown and I actually like her freckle pattern. Her hair is very beautiful and I love her outfit collection.


How was your Guy’s New Year/Eve? I had a nice new Year’s Eve. My Mom made heavy hors-d’oeuvres and we watched The Hobbit (I would’ve rather watched the second one 😀 ). And of course, New Year’s day was great 😉 What doll or dolls are on your 2018 wishlist?

Truly Me American BOY Dolls?!?

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki 😉 AG has done something incredibly shocking. I didn’t even see it coming. I should have. Here it is:


Yes, Truly Me American boy dolls. I guess for now they only have these four: A Asian, a blondie, a African-American, and a Hispanic.

Here are some outfits for them, as well. Can you guys believe it? I feel like AG isn’t as “special” anymore. Like, well, it’s hard to explain but you get what I mean, right?

Tell me in the comments down below your thoughts 🙂



Ps: Credit to: The Rocky Top Dolls for these images.

Some of Luciana’s collection and Madi is Hosting a Giveaway!

Greetings! It’s Kiki here! As you all know it is closer and closer to January which means more and better leaks! Today, I have for you almost Luciana’s whole collection!! Let’s begin!

Luciana Meet Stock SQ

She’s so cute and I love her hair!!! 😍 I also love the print and colors of her dress and that it is longer than usual 😉The boots are cute, too. But- you knew it had to be coming- I don’t love her book cover, it’s a little to childish. They’re definitely trying to reach out to younger kids and stuff😕

Luciana Nasa Tee Stock SQ I love this outfit!!! 😍 Her shoes😍 It’s simple, comfy, and cute which is literally what I wear everyday. I would definitely get this! Chance likes it, too😄

Luciana PJs Stock SQ Not really diggin’ the shirt (to me it looks old ladyish) but the leggings are cute and the slippers are ok. Of course, she has to be wearing space buns 😉

Luciana Habitat SQ This is kinda cool. I mean, I wouldn’t buy it or anything; it’s pretty specific. She looks cute in her little space suit, though😜

The kudos or creds go to: Poppets and Posies for these images!

Now, Madi from Delightful World of Dolls is having a giveaway! She’s giving away a create-your-own doll that you get to customize. So, click HERE to enter and tell her you came from The Looking-Glass! 😁It ends tomorrow so goooo! Thanks!

Novaer peeps,

img_9654-1Ps: (When a problem comes along you must whip it
Before the cream sits out too long you must whip it
When something’s going wrong you must whip it)

Sorry, I’m listening to Whip it right now 😜 Do you guys enjoy 80s music?

And her Name is….

Hey, Guys! It’s Kiki! How are you guys enjoying break and cooler weather and stuff? I’m personally really enjoying it 😀  Remember my last post, I said I had to go on two different types of medicine for my fungal infection? Well, it turns out I’m allergic to them. I had a really bad allergic reaction last week. My chest and throat were really tight so, I couldn’t get any air when I tried to sleep. I had to sleep on the recliner and my Mom stayed out with me. I ended up being okay, the doctors just said to take some Benadryl.  Now, here’s the winning name!



Well, it’s actually a tie between Eva and Hazel! They are both great names! So, to break the tie, I’ll put in my vote 😉 Ooh, this is hard but I think I choose………………..Hazel! Even though she could rock Eva, I just feel Hazel; if ya know what I mean 🙂 Well, thank you for commenting and voting! It seems like you guys enjoy these type of posts. In the near future, I’ll be posting better and more I’m just waiting for the camera situation.

Anyway, My Aunt and Uncle are coming down and we’re having a barbecue Thanksgiving? Yeah. We’re so traditional 😛 But I don’t really mind.


What are you most looking forward to eating at Thanksgiving? Is your family traditional or untraditional (like mine)?


Altoids, Cameras and Vote!


Greetings! It’s Kiki! Today, I have for you today some life updates and then at the end the five names I have chosen. Let’s get started!

Well, yesterday I went to an allergist because my doctor said I’m having to many sinus infections. They basically told me I have a fungal infection. You’re probably like what?! I was surprised too. Apparently, TX has a lot of mold and with the recent hurricanes blowing around stuff they been seeing it more recently. So, to stop the fungus from spreading (I feel like Will from Stranger Things right now 😜) I have to………..burn it out of me. Just kidding 😂 I actually have to swish coconut oil in my mouth, chew sugar-free cinnamon gum, suck cinnamon altoids and take some medicine they have prescribed. I also have to take an anti-inflammation med, as well. Both taken three times a day with food. So, that’s fun but at least I’ll be less sick now 😉 I also have to get a cat scan for my sinuses Monday.

Yes, I bought a camera. I bought it off of ebay two-ish weeks ago and it was working fine and then….. it wasn’t dun dun DUN! That seems to be my luck. Once, I bought a hamster and a week later it started dying, so I get a new one and then I found out I’m really allergic to hamsters a couple months later 😀 Anyway, after my allergist appointment, we went to a camera shop. The Guy pretty much told us we need to get our money back because it’s an older model and the electronics are going out. So, I’m off to find a new camera. Yay 🙂

Now, here are the five names I have chosen! They are in bold and once again this image is not mine.


Eva– Rae

Lilian– Arabella

Ashlyn– Laura

Leah– Lizard

Hazel– Brooke Jade and Skye

And just for fun………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

General Chicken Nuggets– Abby

So, comment down below your favorite name out of these!

‘Till next time.


Please, take my Polls/Surveys!

Polls and Surveys!


Happy national crispy taco day, Guys! 😀 It’s Kiki! Today, I have some polls/surveys for you to take so I get a greater understanding of what you guys want to see on this blog and to just know more about you guys: my followers, ya know my vips! The people who help make this blog what it is today! Anyway, I’d really appreciate if you took them! It would mean a lot 🙂 I promise they’re not too long 😉





On the last one, I meant Quote not Joke 😀 I guess it could be a joke though…. 😛




Ps: Picmonkey has updated their site and will not allow you to save your creations unless you pay, so now I use canva (obviously 😛 ). How do you like my first image? I actually think it looks very modern and chic! Canva seems harder to use though… but it’s got everything!

Pps: If you chose other, please tell me down below what it is cause I can’t see any comments on the poll for some reason.

August Synopsis- 2017

Greetings! It's Kiki here with another synopsis post! A lot of things have been happening so I thought a post like this would be perfect to cover everything and plus, I like making posts like this😜So, let's begin!

It's a official; I'm not going to be homeschooled this year! Yes, very surprising. My Mom literary asked me last week, what do you think of going to school? Of course, I was like, no but after seeing a video of the school, it looked pretty cool. I toured the school Monday and- yes, I took pictures😉 It's a charter school and it's definitely not a traditional teaching method. You don't have classrooms and a lot of stuff you do is on a laptop etc. I wasn't able to see the high-school (only the Middle-school) cause it's under construction currently, but I will next week 🙂 The headmaster (principle) said that they are only 88 kids this year for the high-school. Which isn't to bad. I'm very sorry some of the pictures are blurry the tour guide was very fast 😕

The butterfly garden and a tree house/playground thing.

The parking lot.

The right side of the lobby.

The left side of the lobby.

The plaza and different angles of it.

Where you sit to eat lunch.

The kitchen.

An elevator.

On the second-level we have, more seats to do your work at.

I forgot what this room was for and they have a movement studio but I wasn't able to get a picture 😞

The reading area and they have rooms behind this for science and stuff, that I also wasn't able to get a picture of.

img_9075It was raining so hard and I loved it. That's the end of the pictures!


I had to get three shots last Friday to go to school and it went terrible. Right after she injected the third shot into my right arm, I started feeling sick. My heart was beating so fast, I kept thinking that the medicine in the shots were going to kill me, my legs felt a little weak and then my eyes started to go black. I luckily didn't pass out because I kind of told the nurse by covering my eyes and by a gasp, I think. So, she pulled me over onto the examination table so, I could lay down and put a cold compress on my head. Apparently, some people have that reaction when they get shots, it's a mental thing.


Went school shopping Sunday. Man, that was stressful. Since, I'm 5'10 (close to 5'11) I have to buy tall clothes and they usually aren't sold in stores, which means my only option is ordering and most of the time they don't have size or don't have what I need. So, it's an extremely long and hard process but thankfully, it's over and I found what I needed 🙂

The "Create your own doll" thing came out! I don't exactly know when, but I just went on the AG website and there it was! I played around with it and there are not very many options and a lot of stuff is already backordered 😕

I still want an Asian doll 😄

I'm participating in CWWC and I'm on Team Shire! Elves (me), Hobbits, and Dwarves for the win!

The Last Jedi comes out so soon and I'm very excited to see it!

And they better make a Pirates of the Caribbean 6. I saw the fifth one for my birthday (which was like a month ago) and it was really good but I seriously love every movie in the series so yeah 😄

I'm going to be updating my blog design soon. It's been awhile since I've had a new look 😉

I have: 154 followers, 2,840 visitors, 15,040 views, my top commenter- besides myself- is Abby, and I've made 135 posts 🙂 Thank you, everyone😊

If you want to read my CWWC entries click my CWWC page or click the Hobbit-Hole image down below to lead you to my Writing and Photography blog or if you want a quicker option click HERE!

I'll be making a back-to-school outfit guide with little miss sassy, Chrissa! Since, I noticed that the dolls' don't really have many posts where they talk for themselves 😉


I hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget to comment down below! I love reading and answering your Guys' comments! And Good luck with school and CWWC!






A Truly a Surprising Post

Hallo! As usual it’s Kiki! Well, today I went to my reader and saw that some posts about a picture on AGs’ website. So, I like ran to the computer and went to it. And I saw this!

What?!? Was what I was thinking. 

 I heard of Nanea Mitchell(aka replacement Molly Mcintire)but I thought she was coming out next year. So, I was(and still am) happy about her! She looks like she has a new face mold too!

I already knew about Tenney, Logan, Felicity, and Gabriela; but not Z.

 She also surprised me. I mean she’s just a truly me with some custom outfits and some borrowed from Gotys and Truly me. I guess Girls really liked her. She does have a book so that’s cool. 

Anyway, what do you think? Are any of you surprised? What doll is now written on your wish list? Tell me in the comments down below! 

I bid you farewell, 

An important Reminder

Hallo, Guys! It’s Kiki! Let me cut to the chase, I made a draft of my Q&A post before my Holocaust one, so according to WordPress the holocaust one is the newest one. When really it’s the Q&A.

So, this post is a reminder about my Q&A and stuff I forgot to tell you.

First thing first, Please don’t  ask anything to personal(Like where I live or weight). Instead ask questions like: Where do I see myself in 20 years, My favorite movie, What’s my favorite country etc. I’ll post the answers sometime next week. Thank you!

See ya later,


PS: Click HERE or any where it say Q&A up above, to see my Q&A post.