DSC_0268Full name: Chrissa Daisy Jadyn Davis.
Nicknames: Chrissy and Chris.
Age: 14
B-day: Dec 20
Fav animal: Cheetahs and just cats in general.
Fav color: Sky blue and
Pets: Praline the cat.
Fav Lotr/hobbit character: Aragon.
Fav food: Ramen noodles and Cinnamon rolls.
Sport: Tennis and swimming.
Personality: Cheerful, bratty, sensitive, determined, prankster,  super annoying, spoiled, and she’s a tomboy in a mini skirt.
Hobbies: Hanging out with all of her sisters, trying to get her way, trying to get Levi to like me, wrestling, competing, and playing nerf gun battles and video games!
Fav Star wars character: BB-8!!!! I have a collection of BB-8 stuff!
Fav Twilight character: Team Jacob here 😉
Cool fact: I’m the cutest girl in the Davis family!
I got Chris from my parents on dec 25 2009.


8 thoughts on “Chrissa

  1. Chrissa is also adorable 😀 XD sorry that i keep commenting on your pages XD I haven’t looked at the pages very recently (I don’t really look at blog pages very much) so I guess I didn’t comment on as many as I thought I did o.O

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