Full name: Meritt Lyric Ellen-Kate Davis Age:13
B-day: Aug 26
Nicknames: Mer and Mitzi.
Fav animals: flamingoes and alligators.
Fav colors: Light green and Reddish pink.
Fav food: Cheese burgers (as long as the cheese is vegan) and Oreo milkshakes.

Fave Lotr/hobbit character: Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Galadriel.
Sport: Soccer, and Krav maga!
Personality: Prankster, ambitious, quiet but can also be really loud, and I’m also in the middle not a girlie girl, not a tomboy.
Hobbies: Being with my BFF Sammie, trying to learn how to speak Spanish(since all my sisters can speak it fluently), pranking my sisters with Chris, and getting muddy during soccer!
Fav Star wars character: Padme.
Sad fact: I was taking care of my grandparents(on my Dad’s side) for a year, but my grandpa sadly died.
I got Mer for my B-day in 2016 from my parents.


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