Full name: Saige Iris Lynn Davis.
Nicknames: Sai.
Age:15 B-day: Oct 12.
Fav animal: Roadrunners, horses and prairie dogs.
Fav color: Sunset orange and berry purple.
Fav food: Burritos and Churros with vanilla ice cream.
Sport: Horse back riding and Krav maga.
Fave Lotr/Hobbit character: Eowyn.
Fav Twilight character: Victoria.
Personality: Bossy (since she’s the oldest), kind, helpful, outgoing, daring, mature-ish, trying to fit in with society and a little girly.
Hobbies: Getting her hair, makeup and clothes done, having fun with her sisters, cooking and going out on dates with her boyfriend, learning to drive with her Dad, and going out to eat with family.
Fav Star wars character: Padme.
I got Sai for my B-day from my Grandma in 2013.


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