Full name: Saige Iris Lynn Davis.

Nicknames: Sai.


B-day: Oct 12.

Fav animal:  Roadrunner, and Scorpions.

Fav color: Sunset orange, and  Berry purple.                                                                                                                                                                             Fav food: Burritos, and Churros.

Sport: Skateboarding, and Krav maga

Personality: Bossy(since she’s the oldest), Energetic,  helpful, outgoing, daring, and  I do enjoy skirts, and dresses every once in awhile.

Hobbies: Painting with her BFF Mary, hiking with her sisters.

Fav Star wars character: Princess  Leia.

I got Sai for my b-day from my Grandma in 2013


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